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  • 31 May 2024 7:43 PM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

    June's Member Spotlight: Paul Locher

    Lives in:  Silver Spring, MD

    Media:  Photographer

    Social Media:  Instagram and Facebook: paullocherjr

    Website: Locher.photoshelter.com

    I started my photography journey about 10 years ago when I bought my first full-frame camera, knowing that photography would carry me through retirement, and beyond. Little did I know how consuming a hobby it can be…and nothing like using the point-and-shoot cameras in days gone by.

    As with any journey, it starts with those first steps and eventually evolves into a travelogue. Personally, I always appreciated the statement that “if you want to take interesting pictures, take your camera to interesting places”.   Since then, it’s been interesting at every step, as are the challenges to get better, every day.

    I think the learning curve with these cameras is huge, and the intricacies are infinite, which is part of the appeal. Almost every day, there are new places to explore and new ways to look at the variances of light, shadow, and especially color. Even old places are different, depending on the time of day, and season.

    Since that first camera, I’ve been fortunate to accumulate some photos that are of interest to others. Photography has really brought out the artistic side that wasn’t fully developed by taking art classes in college. There have now been shows at Buck Gardens, Brookside Gardens, and Windridge Winery. 

    Thanks to the Montgomery Art Association, who has been wonderful in providing access to shows, lessons, and member events. Also, a big call out to Colin Treado at American Reprographics where I do all my printing. He has helped me define which camera settings work with today’s printers, and has no problem saying, “That’s not worth printing”.  Also, I really like his attitude, “fix the shot in the camera”, before pressing the trigger.

  • 28 May 2024 6:52 PM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

    MAA Plein Air Events

    Tentative Planning Schedule

    Mark your Calendars – Look for Registration Email

    June 11 - Kensington Town Sunset and Nocturne Painting, 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    July 6 - Baseball, Shirley Povich Field, 4:00 pm on

    July 14 - Sunday for Sunflowers, McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management area,  8:00 am - 11:00 am

    August 30 - August 31- Kensington Town Labor Day Plein AIr, extended hours! 9:00 pm August 30 - 3:00 pm August 31

    September 15 - Montgomery County Agricultural Farm, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

    October 7 or 8 - Windridge Vineyards, Poolesville, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

    November 10 - Garrett Park Victorians, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • 18 May 2024 5:34 PM | Elissa Poma (Administrator)

    Congratulations to all who were elected to the MAA Board of Directors for 2024-25. We have 19 members who will serve as officers and committee chairs, with terms running from June 1, 2024-May 31, 2025.

    Thank you for giving your time and service to the association!


    • President: Jennifer Barlow
    • 1st VP, Programs: Frank Mancino
    • 2nd VP, Shows: Kathy Tynan
    • 3rd VP, Communications & Marketing: Teresa Sites
    • Secretary: Lea Truman
    • Treasurer: Anastasia Walsh

    Committee Chairs

    • Art Community Partnership Chair: Paula Zeller
    • Children's activities: Judith Levine
    • Equipment: Joyce Koeneman
    • Field Trip Chair: Jonathan Ege
    • Marketing: Ella Soroori
    • Membership: Roxana Rojas
    • Online Shows: Wendy Shiau
    • Paint the Town Labor Day Show: Anastasia Walsh
    • Plein Air Events: Lynn Lewis & Patti Connell (co-chairs)
    • Programs: Hiral Joshi
    • Publicity: Marta Lopez Teigeiro & Mars Davis (co-chairs)
    • Workshops: Angie Coulson
  • 29 Feb 2024 8:04 PM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

    March Member Spotlight:  Rachael Rice

    Lives: Bethesda

    Website: www.rachaelallisondesigns.com

    Instagram: #rachael_allison_designs

    Media and Subject: Glass Mosaics and Fluid Art

    Why did you join MAA: For opportunities to show my art, to learn from other artists, to be part of an active artistic community.

    Have you participated in MAA shows?

    Tis the Season, Artist and Makers, November 2023 Rockville, Md

    Seeing the Beauty of All things Goldman Gallery, JCC Nov 2023 Rockville Md

    Oasis Art Gallery, Westfield Mall @024

    Chasing the Winter lights, Windridge Winery, January 2024  Darnstown Md 

    Women’s Art, Goldman Gallery, JCC February 2024, Rockville Md

    Something fun about yourself:

    I have organized bike and barge trips through Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Austria and Croatia over the last ten years.

    Artist Biography:

    The Beginning

    I started my creative journey when I was 5 years old.  My mother taught me how to knit at an early age, and I spent many years in childhood creating knitted projects and sewing clothes; I even enrolled in a woodworking class in high school.  My childhood was filled with creative pursuits.

    Formative Years  

    In graduate school, I sought out metal and jewelry art education at a local community college. Then I was gifted a Nikon camera. I became drawn to the dramatic effects of black and white film and its manipulation in the darkroom.  I was inspired by photographers like Diane Arbus and Dorthea Lange. Photojournalism resonated with me but I decided that it might be too difficult to pursue as a career.

    Artist, Reinvented

    In the 90's a vast variety of colorful fabrics became available. I studied traditional quilting but found abstract designs far more satisfying. For the next two decades, I created abstract quilts, fiber wearables, and wall baskets.  I took a detour to try ceramics and hand-building with clay. I loved the sculptural aspect of working with clay and produced organic shapes and unusual functional pottery, and on occasion turned my home into a pottery store.  While clay offered me the chance to explore sculptural forms, I missed working with a colorful medium.

    In 2005, a friend introduced me to dichroic glass fusion and beading.  The vibrant colors of glass stimulated my creativity and led to the next decade of beaded jewelry making.  I returned to create jewelry with various metals.  Then a visit to a Alexander Caldor’s exhibit of mobiles drew me into fabricating my own mobiles out of hand-forged metals, and I began creating with copper, silver, and wood.

    Mosaics and Me

    About five years ago, I was visiting a local high school and I fell in love with a huge mosaic mural done by the students.  At that time, mosaics were evolving from more classical perspectives to ones allowing more artistic freedom.  Drawn to the tremendous range of colors available in stained glass, I immersed myself in creating large mosaics of portraits, landscapes, and abstract designs.  I love the painterly approach learned from my mentor Yulia Hanansen and from recreating the works of great impressionist painters such as Van Gough and Renoir. 


    When I was vacationing at the beach, I took a workshop on fluid art and fell in love with this medium and process. Pouring acrylic paint on canvas and manipulating it to create abstract art was exhilarating. The endless possibilities of this art form have provided me with the perfect outlet for my exploration of color and movement.

  • 26 Jan 2024 7:35 PM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

    February's Member Spotlight: Linda Botts Butler

    Lives in: Upper Marlboro, MD

    Email address: lbb_creativeartworks@aol.com

    Media and subjects:

    Media: Oils; Gauche. Subjects: Nature - landscapes; seascapes; plants and flowers. Still Life arrangements – florals, fruits and vegetables, objects.

    Why you joined the MAA: I joined the MAA to become engaged in an organization that could help me become a more well-rounded and skilled artist. I look forward to participating in the various MAA learning, networking, and exhibit opportunities.

    Something fun about you: In addition to creating art, I enjoy gardening, community volunteer activities, and yoga and fitness classes.

    Artist Biography:  Linda Botts Butler is a self-taught artist, and her artwork is inspired by nature, the intrinsic beauty of diverse cultures, and by interactions with fellow artists. Linda most enjoys plein-air and still-life painting using oils and stretched canvas.

    Linda was born and grew up in Washington, D.C., and currently lives in Prince Georges County, MD. Linda first recognized her artistic interest and talent during art classes in elementary and junior high school. As a young adult, during her spare time, Linda enrolled in drawing and oil painting classes at the local junior college and the Glen Echo Yellow Barn.

    As a member of the Laurel Art Guild (LAG), Linda regularly participates in plein-air outings, and she serves as the LAG exhibits co-chair. Last summer, Linda exhibited three paintings in the LAG Brookside Gardens Exhibit. Currently, two of her recent paintings are on display in the LAG exhibit at the Laurel/Beltsville Senior Center.

    Linda joined the Montgomery Art Association (MAA) in September 2023, and she participated in the MAA 2023 Paint the Town Labor Day Weekend Show, on September 2.

  • 31 Dec 2023 5:44 PM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

    January's Member Spotlight: Angelic Young

    Lives in:  I live in the Wheaton area in Maryland. 

    Social Media: When I post pictures of my paintings, I usually post them on Instagram - my Instagram is angelicvyoung. 

    Media and subjects: I work with acrylic on canvas, very occasionally with watercolors. When I first started painting, I focused on landscapes in the Pacific Northwest, where I grew up. I’m a sucker for a gorgeous sunset or sunrise over the ocean or a Cascades peak. As of late, I’ve been painting mostly nudes, focusing on capturing movement and emotion. That being said, I’m a newish painter, so I’m still in my “I’ll try just about anything” phase, and you can see that reflected in the selection of photos I’m sharing.  

    Why you joined MAA: I love painting - I started as an adult a few years ago at one of those “paint and sip” classes. But I’ve never taken a “real” class, and I’d like to explore opportunities to connect with other painters, grow my skills, and share my work with others & get feedback so I can get better! 

    Something fun about you: I love learning new skills - right now, I’m learning blacksmithing. I'm just about finished making my very first hand-forged Bowie knife. I’m really excited about how it's turning out! 

    Artist Biography: Hello, my name is Angelic Young, and I’m a painter (acrylic on canvas) based in the Wheaton area in Maryland. I’ve been painting for about five years now. I started painting after taking a “paint and sip” class with work colleagues - and fell in love. Painting is my self-care time when I can breathe, relax, and focus on only the canvas before me. I enjoy painting landscapes and urbanscapes that remind me of places I’ve lived and loved. Recently, however, I’ve shifted to people & figures, particularly nudes, that allow me to focus on depicting emotion and movement.

  • 31 Dec 2023 5:41 PM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

    2024 Event Calendar

    January 2024

    Start Date

    End Date

    MAA at the Oasis Gallery



    Winter Windridge Tasting Room Show



    Benjamin Gaither Center Gallery Art Show



    Member Conversation: Online with ACO, Plein Air Forum with Christine Lashley, Jill Basham, Nancy Tankersley, and Stewart White



    Artist Inspiration Book Deadline



    Figure Model Session (1/7, 1/14, 1/21)*

    February 2024

    Figure Model Session (2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25)*

    Member Conversation: Online with ACO



    Meet the Artist Event - at the Oasis Gallery



    Windridge: Meet the Winter Artists



    Fluid Art Workshop



    March 2024

    Figure Model Session (3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31)*

    Windridge Spring Art Show



    March Member Conversation (in person): Carol Moore, Printmaker



    April 2024

    Figure Model Session (4/7, 4/14, 4/21, 4/28)*

    April Member Conversation (in person): Violeta Barcenas, Violet Red Studio



    Windridge Art Festival



    May 2024

    Figure Model Session (5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26)*

    Windridge: Meet the Spring Artists



    Member Critique (in person) with Gavin Glakas



    Field Trip to Glenstone



    June 2024

    Figure Model Sessions(6/2, 6/9, 6/16, 6/23)*

    Windridge Summer Show



    July 2024

    Friendship Heights Plein Air Event*



    Brookside Garden Art Show



    August 2024

    Paint the Town Preview Night



    Windridge: Meet the Summer Artists



    Paint The Town Art Show



    Paint The Town Plein Air Event



    September 2024

    Estimate Artist Inspiration Book Launch



    Windridge Fall Show



    Wheaton Arts Parade & Festival



    October 2024

    Member Conversation



    Kensington Park Library*



    Glenview Mansion*



    November 2024

    Goldman Gallery Show



    Member Conversation



    Windridge: Meet the Fall Artists



    December 2024

    Member Conversation or Holiday Party



    MAA Exhibitions

    MAA Member Conversations & Critiques

    MAA Multi Day Art Festival

    Meet the Artists Events

    Plein Air Events

    Figure Model Sessions

    Special Events or Workshops


     Not Finalized

  • 23 Dec 2023 8:52 AM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

    We're excited to announce the 2024 themes for our online gallery, "One Theme, Many Interpretations." Keep your submissions coming! We can't wait to see what you create!

  • 28 Nov 2023 11:22 AM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

    A Sneak Peek at our 2024 Shows

    Here are the shows we have lined up for you in the new year! So, get started on your artwork submissions for each of the shows…it’s going to be fantastic! We can't want to see what you create.

    MAA at Oasis Art Gallery: January 8 – April 19 

    Registration: Open until December 13, 2023

    Meet the Artists Reception: February 4

    Chasing the Winter Light Art Show at Windridge Vineyard: January 17 – March 10

    Part of the quarterly gallery shows with up to 23 works.

    Registration: November 30 – December 14, 2023

    Meet the Artists – February 8

     Paint the Joy of Life Art Show at the Benjamin Gaither Center: January 12 – April 1

    Registration: December 1 - 20

    Heart of the Vineyard at Windridge Vineyard: April 25 – 28

    Large non-juried show of 200 artworks including 2D and 3D artworks.

    Registration: March 25 – April 8

    Windridge Vineyard Spring Art Show (Theme TBD): March 13 – June 9

    Part of the quarterly tasting room gallery shows with up to 23 artworks.

    Registration: February 2 – 16

    Meet the Artists: May 9

    Brookside Gardens: July 15 – August 12

    Registration: June 1 – 15

    Windridge Summer Art Show (Theme TBD): June 12 – September 22

    Part of the quarterly tasting room gallery shows with up to 23 artworks.

    Registration: May 3 – 17

    Meet the Artists: August 8

    Paint the Town Kensington Labor Day Weekend Show: August 31– September 2

    Largest MAA judged show of up to 500 artworks including 2D and 3D works and plein air competition.

    Registration: Mid-July

    Windridge Fall Art Show (theme TBD): September 25 – December 29

    Part of the quarterly tasting room gallery shows with up to 23 artworks.

    Registration: August 17 -30

    Meet the Artists: November 7

    Fall Kensington Park Library: (specific dates coming soon)

    MAA at the Goldman Art Gallery: November 3 – December 15

    Registration: September 23 – October 7

    Reception: November 10

    MAA Late Fall Art Show at Glenview Mansion: (specific dates coming soon)

  • 28 Nov 2023 11:07 AM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

    Member Spotlight - December - Jillian Randall

    Lives in: Gaithersburg, MD


    Social Media: Instagram @jillianrrandall

    Media and subjects: Acrylic Painting - Abstract and Photography - Landscape/Non Figurative.

    Why you joined MAA: I joined MAA to join a community of artists for accountability and inspiration. I was formerly an elementary school teacher, then taught high school art.  During that time, I let my personal artmaking practices become less of a priority. I thought that joining a local artist collective would bring me some of the studio feeling I miss from my college days.

    Something fun about you: I LOVE dogs! I have had two dogs named after painters, the first was Pablo (Picasso) and my current dog is Bosch after the early Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.

    Artist Biography

    Jillian R. Randall is a creative professional born, raised, and living in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.A true Jillian of All Trades, her work experience encompasses a broad range of techniques and media. She has a bachelor's in Studio Art and a master's in art education from the University of Maryland.  After several years as a community and public school arts educator, she uses the principles of photographic composition and her knowledge of digital editing software to apply her unique aesthetic perspective to her pieces. Her artwork primarily focuses on combining mundane imagery in bold color and complex layers. 


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