June's Member Spotlight: Paul Locher

31 May 2024 7:43 PM | Teresa Sites (Administrator)

June's Member Spotlight: Paul Locher

Lives in:  Silver Spring, MD

Media:  Photographer

Social Media:  Instagram and Facebook: paullocherjr

Website: Locher.photoshelter.com

I started my photography journey about 10 years ago when I bought my first full-frame camera, knowing that photography would carry me through retirement, and beyond. Little did I know how consuming a hobby it can be…and nothing like using the point-and-shoot cameras in days gone by.

As with any journey, it starts with those first steps and eventually evolves into a travelogue. Personally, I always appreciated the statement that “if you want to take interesting pictures, take your camera to interesting places”.   Since then, it’s been interesting at every step, as are the challenges to get better, every day.

I think the learning curve with these cameras is huge, and the intricacies are infinite, which is part of the appeal. Almost every day, there are new places to explore and new ways to look at the variances of light, shadow, and especially color. Even old places are different, depending on the time of day, and season.

Since that first camera, I’ve been fortunate to accumulate some photos that are of interest to others. Photography has really brought out the artistic side that wasn’t fully developed by taking art classes in college. There have now been shows at Buck Gardens, Brookside Gardens, and Windridge Winery. 

Thanks to the Montgomery Art Association, who has been wonderful in providing access to shows, lessons, and member events. Also, a big call out to Colin Treado at American Reprographics where I do all my printing. He has helped me define which camera settings work with today’s printers, and has no problem saying, “That’s not worth printing”.  Also, I really like his attitude, “fix the shot in the camera”, before pressing the trigger.

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