Roles: Officers and Committee Chairs


President: Leads community outreach at events; attends the Montgomery College Foundation Scholarship Recognition Luncheon, usually held in April. Communicates with Treasurer and Secretary for financial updates and meeting agenda items. Strategizes new opportunities with executive committee. Organizes and leads quarterly board meetings. Seeks volunteers for activities and events. Attend monthly meetings and shows as often as possible and time permitting. Makes announcements at the monthly meeting, serves as an emcee at shows. Introduce yourself to members and guests. Communicates regularly with committees for updates on events and programs. Contributes to the monthly e-newsletter.

1st Vice President of Programs: Oversees administration, planning, and arranging of monthly member meetings and activities. Creating events and reminders on the Wild Apricot MAA system to publicize and communicate with members. Oversees the Activities Chair and Plein Air Chair. Temporarily succeeds to the office of President upon a vacancy in that office.

2nd Vice President, Shows: Oversees administration of member shows. Mentors and leads committee team members responsible for the administration and management of all MCAA’s in-person shows and online shows. Attends officers and Board meetings. Recruits and collaborates with show managers and overlooks show production timeline and logistics. Coordinates show calendar. Collaborates with the MAA Board, Committees and members, responds to inquiries and answers questions.

3rd Vice President, Communications & Marketing: Oversees website, email, Enewsletter and other communications to members and the public. Supervise volunteer editors, writers, proofreaders, and designers producing Member Happening Newsletter, blog content, press releases and other publicity content. Develop and distribute communications schedule. Conduct writing/editing/website editing training for new volunteers. Maintain photo archive. Collaborate with Publicity Chair to create and deploy promotions of shows and events across multiple channels. Maintain contact list of local media and listings websites. Write and maintain style guide. Attend officers and Board meetings.

Secretary: Monitors MAA’s main email account. Forward emails to appropriate Board members or respond to emails directly. Helps president schedule meeting dates, if needed. Helps president finalize agenda. Emails agenda to Board members in advance; bring print copies to the meeting. Takes minutes at Board meetings and distributes via email.

Treasurer: Handle all accounting and financial matters for the organization, including payments, invoices, expenses, taxes, banking. Uses Quicken, Wild Apricot, PayPal and other online applications. Pay for exhibit space or rentals. Generate checks for prizes won at shows, judges fees, annual scholarships, bills, insurance, and other expenses. Collect W-9 forms from artists earning more than $600 in annual income from organization-related sales. Prepare periodic reports and annual budget for the Board. Pay Maryland state sales tax quarterly, process 1099 forms and complete other federal and state paperwork.


Activities Chair:  The Activities chair works closely with the VP of Programs to plan, organize, publicize, and execute a variety of field trips, workshops, and social events throughout the year. Field trips may include museum tours, art experiences, and special events. Social events may include artist happy hours or online zoom gatherings. Seeks out volunteers for events when needed.

Communications Chair: Collaborates with VP of Communications & Marketing to devise and execute all communications for organization, including emails, enewsletters, and website content. Creates templates. Helps maintain stylebook. Edits content.

Community Outreach/Children’s Programs:  The community outreach chair is responsible for selecting local events that would help further relationships with the community and help spread the word about Montgomery Art Association.  The community chair would contact the community organization, handle all the details which would lead MAA and its members to participate, along with gathering MAA participants.  Past examples include Kensington Day of the Book Festival.  Other outreach activities could include children’s events.

Equipment Chair: Oversees inventory of equipment, tools and other items in MAA’s storage facility. Arranges for delivery of equipment when needed. Tracks and lends equipment to members.

Finance Committee Chair: Under the direction of the Treasurer, the Finance Committee Chair supports the financial decisions of the MAA Officers by providing information and feedback. The Chair leads the Committee meetings. Duties of the Finance Committee: Develop standard reporting processes for quarterly and annual budgets; recommend financial goals; provide guidance and feedback to MAA officers for their financial decisions; look for opportunities to develop growth financially.

Hospitality Chair: Plans and runs receptions at shows. Coordinates with venue contacts. Orders food and drink. Seeks out and oversees volunteers during setup, event and breakdown. Collaborates with Paint the Town Labor Day Show chair to plan reception or other special events during weekend event.

In-Person Shows Chair: Under the direction of the Vice President of Shows, is responsible for management and administration of all in-person shows of MAA. Works with show managers on preparing and implementing exhibition timelines and logistics. Manages the design of the show prospectus and publishes it on MAA website. Secures venue and communicates with the venue contact to confirm details.. Manages sign up list for volunteer tasks and reception contributions (if needed). Oversees artwork drop off/hanging date/times. Sets show opening date and reception date (if applicable). Communicates with the MAA Board members, show managers and participating artists, responds to inquiries and answers questions. Sends email reminders.

Marketing Committee Chair: Collaborates with Communications Chair to set up promotional strategy for active/upcoming art exhibitions and events. Works with promotional materials designer to create Instagram and Facebook flyers. Writes posts for and manages members Facebook page, Instagram and public-facing Facebook pages. Oversees work of designer and publicity volunteers.

Membership Chair: Respond to member emails. Keeps member info up to date in Wild Apricot (either by guiding members on how to update or making the updates yourself). Encourages members to fill out their membership profiles on Wild Apricot; help members know the instructions for updating on their own. Responds to new membership inquiries and answer questions. Updates “welcome” email for new members, when needed. Collaborates on recruitment. Initiates membership renewal process in July. Updates and schedules auto-email notices, reminders and confirmations. Helps treasurer track payments that come in by check. Answers member inquiries about procedure for renewing membership on Wild Apricot. Contributes to monthly newsletter.

Online Shows Chair: Under the direction of the Vice President of Shows, is responsible for management and administration of all online shows of MAA. Works with show managers on preparation and implementation of exhibition timelines and logistics. Writes show prospectus. Builds the online show on MAA digital platform by established deadline. Publishes show registration dates and timeline. Collaborates with Publicity Chair to produce flier, social media posts and social media kit. Sets the online show opening date and reception date (if applicable). Establishes dates of other activities, such as artists salons, talks or workshops (if applicable). Communicates with members.

Paint the Town Labor Day Show: Oversees all aspects of organization’s largest show and event. Coordinates with venue, runs call for entries, seeks out large team of volunteers, and runs event from setup to breakdown. Oversees donations and sales. Must be available to be onsite for all show activities.

Plein Air Chair: Creates, writes up descriptions of, opens registration for and runs regular plein air meet-ups at different locations around the region. Communicates with the participants, acts as host during the activity, and gathers the participants at the end of the session to talk about the experience and artwork as a group. Captures photographs of events for publicity use later. Plans rain dates and communicates with registrants when weather conditions change plans.

Programs Chair:  The Programs chair works closely with the VP of Programs to brainstorm, plan, organize, publicize, and execute the monthly member meetings (October – May).

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