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Celebrating 60 Years of Service to Artists and the Art Community

Welcome to the website of the Montgomery Art Association (MAA).  Established in 1954, and incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 1991, MAA supports the visual arts in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Our members, 18 and over, come from throughout the area, including Maryland, Virginia, and DC.  They include beginning and experienced artists, amateurs as well as professionals, working in a variety of media and styles.  We sponsor regular lectures and artist demonstrations, member exhibits, museum field trips, a Gallery store in a major shopping center, an online Members display and sales Gallery, and community outreach  through our children’s art activities and college scholarship program.  Join us!  All are welcome, and our membership dues are only $40/year ($20/year for full-time college students).

This website is a resource for our members as well as for those looking to learn more about MAA and its events, the arts in our area, and the work of our members.  Reviewing the site briefly:

  • HOME provides the MAA calendar, contact information and important member links for show registrations and special events.
  • ABOUT US contains more information about MAA and its history, its officers, and sponsors.
  • ONLINE GALLERY/SALES contains images of members’ work, some of which may be available for sale by the artists and EVENTS describes current and upcoming MAA happenings.
  •  NEWS/ARTPORTUNITIES provides news about member artists and also lists show opportunities or exhibits of potential member interest and RESOURCES provides listings of members providing art-related services, information about using the website’s online services to manage membership or show registrations, other area art associations, and past MAA newsletters.  SHOW FLYERS links to a page containing publicity flyers related to various MAA shows.
  • MEMBERSHIP–JOIN/UPDATE is the link to use if you want to join MAA, or if you are a member, to renew or update your MAA membership information.  This link is also the one members should use to add images to the MAA members online gallery.
  • WESTFIELD WHEATON STORE provides information about our MAA Gallery store in Westfield Wheaton.  The MAA Gallery is in a fabulous space on the second floor close to the Costco entrance, next to Hallmark Cards, and across from Panera and Elevation Burger.

Latest Message from the President

As we approach the end of the year, it won’t be too long before our election process will take place once again beginning in the Spring of 2015. You might be asking why I mention it now. I am doing it now because I think it’s never too early for you to start thinking about your role in MAA and the opportunity you have to make a contribution by serving as an officer on the MAA Board.

As I mentioned in the November issue, I have been very lucky to have Board members who have worked very hard to provide our members with the best service possible. I am very proud of each and every Board member as they have executed their various responsibilities with energy and enthusiasm.   But as we move forward, I think it is imperative that we work to expand the number of members who are involved with moving MAA forward in the coming years.   Developing that longer-term approach takes time so it’s never too early to start.

New people bring new perspectives, new ideas and new energy and that’s great for the growth of any membership-based organization.   The members of any organization need to get involved. Depending on “the other guy” is a dangerous formula. So I am asking each member–at the end of 2014– to assess the value that MAA provides to them and to consider stepping up and playing a leadership role in our great art association.   I will be talking more about this in coming issues of MAA News because I think it is that important. We didn’t get to be a 60 year old organization by accident. It was due to the dedication and hard work of all of those who have gone before.   If you have a particular interest that you would like to pursue, please free to contact me or any member of the Board. Our individual contact information is listed on the last page of the newsletter.

Getting back to the current time, this issue of the newsletter is our last for 2014 but it features interesting information about what is going on at MAA. Our Featured Artist this month, Gordon Lyon, is an interesting personality.   He was an officer on the Board for several years and the took some time off. As the interview points out, he is on his third membership stint at MAA. He brings an interesting new perspective with his unique sculptures. Don’t miss your chance to see his work at the Gallery during the month of November. His Meet the Artist reception is Sunday, December 7 from 1-5 PM at the Gallery.

Of course, this is the beginning of the holiday season so we are looking forward to our annual holiday party. The party will held on Wednesday, December 10 at the MAA Gallery in Westfield Wheaton Mall, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Please bring something sweet or savory to share and something to drink. MAA will provide sandwiches. This is a fun event and gives us a chance to catch up with one another in the spirit of the holiday season. So be sure to stop by.

Also in this month’s issue is a book review of The Lost Painting–The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece by Jonathan Harr. For those involved in the world of art and art history, it’s a very interesting book about the determined quest of a young woman to locate a long lost masterpiece.

One final note. If you have not been to the MAA Facebook page lately, you should give it a visit. Janet Fox, our Social Media Chair, has been doing great work to get information and news of interest to the members posted on the site. Not only that, but to provide links to other sources and to get our MAA brand out into the public. My thanks to Janet for her continued efforts in this area.

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful holiday season with friends and family and that we will see you at the Holiday Party. If you have never been to the Gallery it’s a great time for your first visit!!   That’s it for now.

Keep painting!!

MAA: Now celebrating 60 Year of Service to its members.

Michael Shibley





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