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Celebrating 60 Years of Service to Artists and the Art Community

Welcome to the website of the Montgomery Art Association (MAA).  Established in 1954, and incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 1991, MAA supports the visual arts in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Our members, 18 and over, come from throughout the area, including Maryland, Virginia, and DC.  They include beginning and experienced artists, amateurs as well as professionals, working in a variety of media and styles.  We sponsor regular lectures and artist demonstrations, member exhibits, museum field trips, a Gallery store in a major shopping center, an online Members display and sales Gallery, and community outreach  through our children’s art activities and college scholarship program.  Join us!  All are welcome, and our membership dues are only $40/year ($20/year for full-time college students).

This website is a resource for our members as well as for those looking to learn more about MAA and its events, the arts in our area, and the work of our members.  Reviewing the site briefly:

  • HOME provides the MAA calendar, contact information and important member links for show registrations and special events.
  • ABOUT US contains more information about MAA and its history, its officers, and sponsors.
  • ONLINE GALLERY/SALES contains images of members’ work, some of which may be available for sale by the artists and EVENTS describes current and upcoming MAA happenings.
  •  NEWS/ARTPORTUNITIES provides news about member artists and also lists show opportunities or exhibits of potential member interest and RESOURCES provides listings of members providing art-related services, information about using the website’s online services to manage membership or show registrations, other area art associations, and past MAA newsletters.  SHOW FLYERS links to a page containing publicity flyers related to various MAA shows.
  • MEMBERSHIP–JOIN/UPDATE is the link to use if you want to join MAA, or if you are a member, to renew or update your MAA membership information.  This link is also the one members should use to add images to the MAA members online gallery.
  • WESTFIELD WHEATON STORE provides information about our MAA Gallery store in Westfield Wheaton.  The MAA Gallery is in a fabulous space on the second floor close to the Costco entrance, next to Hallmark Cards, and across from Panera and Elevation Burger.

Latest Message from the President

It’s hard to believe that we are in November already. The weather is great for those of you who enjoy plein air painting. Get out there and enjoy it. It won’t last long. As the weather begins to cool and we approach the end of the year, there are a few reminders that I would like to provide to everyone.

The first item is membership renewal. As you know, our membership year runs from September 1 through August 31. Our normal process is to have members renew their membership while they are registering for the Paint the Town Show on Labor Day weekend.   We had 135 member registrants for this year’s show so that means quite a number of current members were not able to take advantage of doing both at the same time.

While it is very easy to forget that one’s dues are up for renewal, it also means that we have quite a few members whose memberships will lapse very soon.   As is our long-standing policy, we continue to send the MAA Newsletter to members through the November issue in hopes that they will renew. So–just a gentle reminder. If your dues are not current, this will be the final newsletter until payment is received. We will indicate as “inactive” those membership records that are not current as of November 1. Of course, as soon as payment is received, we will reactivate the membership and restore all benefits.

In order to remind those affected, we are doing two things. One is publishing the reminder here and in a couple of other locations within the November issue. Accompanying the reminder is the membership renewal form so that it will be easy for those who want to print it and mail it in. The dues remain at $40 per year. Secondly, I will be sending a personal message to each member whose dues are past due reminding them of the value of their MAA membership and encouraging them to renew. As I always like to point out, our membership is the life-blood of our association. Everything we do is for the benefit and artistic development of the members. I want everyone to be able to enjoy and benefit from continued membership in MAA.

With the coming of November, the holiday season will be right around the corner. As we all know, once it’s Thanksgiving the calendar races by. That means that it will soon be time for the MAA Holiday Party. Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, December 10. That will be the date of our party to be held at the MAA Gallery from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. We ask that you bring something sweet or savory to share and something to drink. As we always do, MAA will provide sandwiches. This is a chance to meet and greet your fellow MAA members in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. So plan to come and enjoy the fun.

In this issue, we feature the artwork of Laura-Leigh Palmer who served as president of MAA from 2002-2005 and again from 2009-2010. Laura-Leigh’s contributions to MAA have been many and for that we are all grateful. Her personal exhibition during the month of November at the MAA Gallery is a chance for members to see a wide sample of her work. Laura-Leigh’s show will run through Sunday, November 30. There will be Meet the Artist reception on Sunday, November 2 from 1-5 PM in the Gallery.

Continuing our program of finding opportunities for our members to display and sell their artwork, we are featuring two of those shows in this issue. MAA members will be exhibiting at Amici Miei Ristorante and at the Kensington Library.   These show opportunities along with the others currently available are made possible by the hard work of Virginia Montet who contacts the locations and makes the arrangements for the shows. Thank you to Virginia for her work on behalf of the members.

I also wanted to let you know that your hard-working MAA Board of Directors met on October 21 to conduct essential MAA business related to the assessment of our of recently completed Paint the Town Show; our financial report; our public service programs including the scholarships we provide to local art students; and many other issues. As a result of the Show assessment, we will be making some improvements in 2015 that the Board feels will make our show even better.

The elected members of the Board give of their personal time to guarantee that MAA is doing the best it can to offer members quality opportunities to paint, learn, socialize and to display and sell their artwork. I want to thank each of them for helping me accomplish that mission. The Board will be making an “Annual Report to the Members” available at a meeting in the early part of 2015.   The details are still being worked out. I will be able to give you more specifics in a future Newsletter.

Of course, if you have any suggestions about activities that we might undertake on behalf of the members, I would be happy to hear them. That’s it for now. I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving.

Keep painting!! MAA: Now celebrating 60 Years of service to local artists.

Michael Shibley





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