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Celebrating 60 Years of Service to Artists and the Art Community

Welcome to the website of the Montgomery Art Association (MAA).  Established in 1954, and incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 1991, MAA supports the visual arts in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Our members, 18 and over, come from throughout the area, including Maryland, Virginia, and DC.  They include beginning and experienced artists, amateurs as well as professionals, working in a variety of media and styles.  We sponsor regular lectures and artist demonstrations, member exhibits, museum field trips, a Gallery store in a major shopping center, an online Members display and sales Gallery, and community outreach  through our children’s art activities and college scholarship program.  Join us!  All are welcome, and our membership dues are only $40/year ($20/year for full-time college students).

This website is a resource for our members as well as for those looking to learn more about MAA and its events, the arts in our area, and the work of our members.  Reviewing the site briefly:

  • HOME provides the MAA calendar, contact information and important member links for show registrations and special events.
  • ABOUT US contains more information about MAA and its history, its officers, and sponsors.
  • ONLINE GALLERY/SALES contains images of members’ work, some of which may be available for sale by the artists and EVENTS describes current and upcoming MAA happenings.
  •  NEWS/ARTPORTUNITIES provides news about member artists and also lists show opportunities or exhibits of potential member interest and RESOURCES provides listings of members providing art-related services, information about using the website’s online services to manage membership or show registrations, other area art associations, and past MAA newsletters.  SHOW FLYERS links to a page containing publicity flyers related to various MAA shows.
  • MEMBERSHIP–JOIN/UPDATE is the link to use if you want to join MAA, or if you are a member, to renew or update your MAA membership information.  This link is also the one members should use to add images to the MAA members online gallery.
  • WESTFIELD WHEATON STORE provides information about our MAA Gallery store in Westfield Wheaton.  The MAA Gallery is in a fabulous space on the second floor close to the Costco entrance, next to Hallmark Cards, and across from Panera and Elevation Burger.

Latest Message from the President

With the coming of April and warm weather (finally!) we can look forward to baseball, picnics, and plein-air painting. Yes, I know there are some hardy souls who have painted all winter despite the weather but I am not one of them. It will be great to get outside and paint when your fingers don’t freeze! So fire up those easels and get out there and paint.

Speaking of getting fired up, our MAA Board of Directors election will be held in the very near future. Each member will receive a ballot via email with voting instructions. That should happen in mid to late April. The results of the election will be announced in the June Newsletter when the new slate of officers will take their places. In this edition of the MAA Newsletter there is a listing of the candidates that have put their names into nomination as of the publication of the Newsletter. Any vacancies will, hopefully, be filled prior to the distribution of the email ballot.   For a membership organization as large as MAA, it is very important for members to step forward and help manage our wonderful art association. Please don’t take it for granted that someone else will do it. We have been fortunate in the past that dedicated members have stepped forward. However, at some point, they may not. If that happens, it would result in a negative impact for all of us who love the Montgomery Art Association.

As you know, in recent issues I have been recognizing the contributions of our current MAA Board Members who have served so effectively over the last two years. Again, I am grateful for their energy, loyalty and dedication to their respective assignments.

As I am running out of months to complete these well-deserved recognitions, I will do several each month in April and May to be sure everyone is properly recognized.

Our Vice-President for Programs, Pauline Rakis, has done a super job finding new speakers to talk about a wide range of subjects of interest to our members. We have eight monthly meetings each year and six of them require a unique speaker or the identification of a topic of discussion that will draw a good audience. In her two years as VP for Programs we have had some stellar presentations and discussions. I hope that you have taken advantage of the hard work that Pauline has put into her position over the last two year. Thank you, Pauline.

Sandra Perez-Ramos is our current Membership Chair. She took over the position and has learned the ropes very fast. As with all of the positions on the Board, it takes personal time and dedication to do the job right. Sandra has maintained our membership records in a highly effective and efficient manner and is very good about getting the names of new members to me for recognition. As our association continues to grow each month, Sandra’s role becomes even more important. I want to thank her for her willingness to accept the position and for the job that she has done.

The MAA Secretary Julie Smith is on her second tour of duty on the MAA Board. She had previously served as Vice President for Programs and is now performing the role of Secretary. Julie, a very talented artist, has been of great help to the operations of MAA. Specifically, last fall at the Paint The Town Show I asked her to assume the role of organizing and supervising the setup of the Armory. Wow, did she perform. The work was accomplished with great efficiency. If you have ever volunteered for setup, you know how much work there is to be done. Thanks Julie for your dedication and support.

Marcia Bhorjee is a quiet member of the Board who does her thing behind the scenes. But I know how much time she has invested and I appreciate her efforts very much. As Activities Committee Chair, Marcia has organized some great outings for the members not to mention her work organizing member seminars. She is always available to help support our Social Events so that the members get the most out of their membership. As a Board Member she is thoughtful and efficient and has been a joy to work with. As you can see from elsewhere in this issue, Marcia will again be putting her name on the ballot. Thank you, Marcia.

Another member of the Board who works quietly behind the scenes is Natalie Falk. Natalie has been the designer and layout artist for our eleven monthly Newsletters for a long time. While our Newsletter team consists of Judith Levine, Natalie and me, it is Natalie who makes the Newsletter come alive in the form that you see it online. Her creativity and her ability to find interesting graphics to illustrate the articles is really the backbone of the Newsletter. Personally, I want to thank her for her many years of doing the Newsletter. I have been privileged to work with her for the last five or six years. She takes a raw text file and a bunch of random photos from me and turns that into a beautiful creation. I appreciate her fast and efficient response so that we can publish each month in a timely fashion. Thanks, Natalie.

You may have noted that we have had very good sales success at our member shows at Amici Miei. For those who have not taken advantage of this opportunity to show and sell your work, please give it some thought. It is a good venue and you could be rewarded for your efforts.

Our monthly meeting this month will be held on Wednesday, April 8 and will feature Glenn Kessler who will talk about marketing your art. Don’t miss this chance to hear Glenn share is knowledge. For May, we will have David Daniels. So the next two months will be great presentations that you shouldn’t miss. Our program chair, Pauline Rakis, as noted above, has worked very hard to organize these monthly presentations at our meeting at Washington ArtWorks.

Of course, we continue this month with our Featured Artist at the MAA Gallery. This month, our featured artist is James Vissari. James’ work will be on display in the Gallery beginning Tuesday, March 31 and running through Sunday, May 3. Don’t miss the Meet the Artist reception on Sunday, April 12 from 1:00 – 5:00 PM.

In the next issue of the Newsletter, I will report to you the results of the most recent MAA Board of Directors meeting. These meetings are important for keeping the work flowing as we get into our busy period with upcoming shows at Friendship Heights and, of course, our huge Paint The Town Show. So watch for the news in the next newsletter.

That’s all of the news for now. Keep painting!!

Michael Shibley

MAA—providing art opportunities to local artists for over 60 years.

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