Time to Troll the Streets and Parks of Kensington (Again)

Noyes Children’s Library by Elizabeth Stecher

by Barrie Ripin
MAA Past President

You may well find me these days aimlessly wandering the streets and parks of lovely Kensington, ZIP code 20895. I will be desperately seeking a new wrinkle on the required Kensington Paint the Town show entry. (20895 is actually quite a large area.)

Candidates’ subjects, of course, include: the iconic train station, cute Victorian houses, Noyes Library, Antique Village, cafés, the “wooden eagle,” Clum Park, with its many “Kensington” birds, plants, benches, fences, birds, ants. And yes, even the Mormon Temple is within this ZIP code.   

Oye, what to do? Everything seems to have been done up-down-sideways and better than I could.  One year I even resorted to painting a red mailbox. The owner of the home behind it looked at me suspiciously and, for some reason, didn’t seem inclined to purchase it.  

So, its a lovely time of year to wander around Kensington with your camera or easel. You will probably bump into others looking for just the right spot too. Trust me, inspiration will come, and whatever you choose, even if its been done 100 times before, will be uniquely your’s.  Who knows, you could be the next Bertha Clum Award winner.

Don’t delay and, as the saying goes – JUST DO IT. See you there …

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