Registering for MAA Shows

We register pieces for MAA shows using the online show entry form on our website.  Online registrations must be completed by deadline shown in the prospectus.

To complete your online show registration:

  1. Go to our website homepage and click on the Calls for Entry link on the right side of the page. -The link will take you to a “login” page for the show registration. You will need to create an online show entry account if you have not done so already.

    -The “show entry” account is not the same as the “membership” account.  If you have not entered our shows before, you will need to set up a show account.

    -For simplicity, we suggest that you use the same email and password for both the online show account and the membership account.

2. Click the login link, complete your login.

– Once “logged in,” you will see a list of shows that are open for registration.

3. Find the show you are interested in and click “Apply Now.” 

4. To register a piece, click “Add Piece.”

5. Complete the following info for each piece submitted:

-Title (use title case–first letters of words except articles capitalized)
-Material (Capitalize first letter of the type of media used)
-Price ($ + numerals; no cents)
-Image (optional)

-Please use proper capitalization and spelling, as the information you enter is how it will be shown on a label. We aim for all MAA labels to have a standard look, with the first letter of the first word of the title and the media capitalized, and also of significant follow-on words in the title or media.

-We also place a $ in front of the price and do not enter cents.­­­­­­

-Uploading images is optional. If you do upload an image you agree to allow MAA to use that image in print and online marketing of this show and/or MAA in general.

6. Double check that all info is correct. Click “Upload” at the bottom.

-The system will register the piece.

-If multiple pieces are allowed, simply repeat the steps to register them. You can enter the information for all your pieces in a single session or you can logout and continue your registration at a later time by logging into your account through the Home page link.

7. Once finished, click the “Submit” button on the right.

8. Pay your entry fee.

-Go through the online credit/debit card payment process using the secure PayPal payment procedures.

-If you prefer to pay by check, please mail it immediately to our PO Box; your registration in the show is not considered confirmed until your payment is received. For that reason, we strongly encourage you to use PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My password is not working. How do I remedy it?
If you have created an account before, but for some reason the password does not seem to work, simply click the link next to the “Forgot your password? message. You will be sent a new password, which you can use to login to your account.  The sent password is usually very complicated—when you get into your account, simply click “edit password” and change the password to something you will remember.

Q: Can I edit my show entry before I submit it?
A: Once you have entered the information for your pieces, and before you hit the final “submit” button, you can edit your information, delete a piece, or even change the entire entry up to the final registration date.  Once you submit your show entry, however, you cannot edit the information for your pieces (title, material (media), price) or delete or add a piece to your show entry.

Q: I need to make a change to a submitted entry. How do I do this?
A: Please contact the show manager, whose name and email address is listed on the show page.

Q: I logged into my account but it says my registration isn’t “submitted.” What does that mean?
A: Your entry will only be marked “submitted” if you have paid the entry fee online. If you are paying by check, and your payment is received promptly, then your entry is submitted for the show.

Q: How do I view my entry later?
A: If you want to see the information for each of the pieces, just login back to your account. The information will be online and is available for you to review at any time.

Updated 2/19