New Gallery Is Filled with ‘Wide-Ranging Talents’

By Judith Levine

Wine cabinet by Margaret Polcawich

Spectrum Gallery in Gaithersburg opened only eight months ago. Under the auspices of Peter Plant and Craig Higgins, this gallery has attracted a group of about 15 very talented painters, sculptors and photographers.  Its open and airy interior is comfortable and is able to showcase the work of its artists to the maximum. Spectrum is within a cozy circle of stores and restaurants that surround a space filled with umbrella-covered  tables and chairs, a fountain that small children can and were playing in, and a small bandstand for musicians.

Photograph by Marge Wasson

Plant told me that it was a conscious decision to keep the number of artists low. It ensures that everyone’s work can be hung or placed to have the maximum impact.  And it has been a very successful decision.  The stark white walls allow each piece of work to hang or stand without its colors being challenged.

The artists in the group are wide-ranging talents. Margaret Polawich uses polymer clays whose brilliant colors at first shimmer like glass. She creates a new world with everyday objects. Marge Wasson photographs parts of architecture that become abstract images.

Craig Higgins draws you into the world around us, making even small areas special places with his photographs. Ruth Sentelle’s paintings are often seemingly normal landscapes. Then you notice something small which pops up that lets you into her sense of humour. Easy to miss at first and then …  Roxana DeShelter’s love of fairy tales and otherworldly things can’t be ignored in her phantasmagorical paintings.

This is a wonderful space. The talents are many. The setting is so enjoyable. I hope you will take the opportunity to spend some time at Spectrum Gallery.

Spectrum Gallery is at 259 Spectrum Avenue in Gaithersburg. 

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