Paint the Town Labor Day Show 2022

September 3-5, 2022Kensington Historic Armory, 3710 Mitchell Street in Kensington, Md.

We are thrilled to host our annual celebration of local artists: the three-day Paint the Town Labor Day Show & Sale. This is one of the longest-running and largest art shows in the region, with hundreds of works by 175 local artists, all members of the Montgomery Art Association. The event is free and open to the public.

All works are for sale. In addition, the Artist Marketplace will have small works, prints and notecards available for purchase. A portion of all sales proceeds goes to support MAA's arts mission.

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Exhibit floor open 11 a.m.-6 p.m. 

Plein air painting competition for children and adults, 7 a.m.-3 p.m. (Costumed art models posing at Flinn Park and in front of M.O.B. Vintage from 10 am-1 pm.)
Bun'd Up and Jarabe Gourmet Pops food trucks onsite, 1-5 p.m.

Awards ceremony, 6-8 p.m.


Exhibit floor open, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. 

Demo: How to start a Landscape Painting with Glen Kessler, 1-2 p.m.

Demo: Mixed Media Mosaics with Beverley Hunter, 3-4 p.m.


Exhibit floor open, 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Demo: A Modern Approach to Water Media with Marta Lopez Teigeiro, 1-2 p.m. 
Demo: Pastel Painting Techniques with Deborah Cole, 3-4 p.m.
Pick up purchased artwork, 5-7 p.m.


Pick up purchased artwork, 9-11 a.m. 

Congrats to Dora Patin, Winner of the Bertha Clum Prize

Artist Dora Patin took first place in the Kensington category, winning the esteemed Bertha Clum Prize for her trompe-l'œil painting Historia Est Magistra VitaeTrompe-l'œil is an artistic term for the highly realistic optical illusion of three-dimensional space and objects on a two-dimensional surface. Judge Lenny Compello commended Dora's painting mastery of creating several types of surfaces, including wood, crinkled paper, and string.

Dora was born and raised in Budapest, went to university in Vienna. In 2005, she moved to the United States, where she dedicated the following several years to raising her children. In 2016, she returned to her lifelong interest in art and has since completed a master artist program.

See all 2022 winners

Live Demonstrations

Four member artists will offer live demos. They're free and open to the public; we also will livestream on our Facebook page.

How to Start a Landscape Painting with Glen Kessler
Sunday, September 4, 1-2 pm

Glen will demonstrate his effective and easy-to-learn method for starting a landscape painting, including how to compose, draw accurately, mix perfect colors, and block in. Glen is an internationally collected and awarded artist and founder of The Compass Atelier in Rockville.

Mixed Media Mosaics with Beverley Hunter
Sunday, September 4, 3-4 pm

Over the years, Beverley Hunter has expressed creative passion through portraiture, needlepoint, quilting, ceramics, graphic design, and more. Beverley will show how all of those disciplines have merged into her love of mixed media mosaics. Examine the many materials in her works (glass, ceramics, beads, tiles, and found treasures among them), and learn about color, texture, and composition during her demo. 

Modern Approach to Water Media with Marta Lopez Teigeiro
Monday, September 5, 1-2 pm

For Spanish-born local artist Marta Lopez Teigeiro, it always felt as if art could go beyond words when trying to express your emotions. From her years of watercolor and acrylic painting, Marta has learned an array of creative approaches that are making the art making process very enjoyable, meaningful, and spontaneous for her. During this demo, Marta will share techniques that you’ll be able to incorporate into your own water media-based art making.

Pastel Painting Techniques with Deborah Cole
Monday, September 5, 3-4 pm

Deborah Cole has a knack for capturing dazzling lights in her pastel paintings, carefully composing scenes that draw the eye towards the warmth. A signature member of the Maryland Pastel Society, Deborah has been painting for years, balancing her work as an artist with her job as a clinical psychologist in private practice. Learn more about how she balances two careers while watching a demo of her pastel techniques.

Meet our Judge

DC contemporary artist Lenny Campello served as judge. Known internationally for narrative-driven paintings and drawings and technology-infused displays, Campello has worked as an artist, gallerist, curator, art critic, instructor, author, and arts blogger. He was named one of DC’s “most interesting people” by the Washington CityPaper.

"As all great shows are, this was an immensely difficult show to judge, which is a good thing!" Lenny wrote in his judge's statement. "The quality of entries was uniformly superior in almost every category, and the difference between first, second, third, and even some honorable mentions was minimal. The Portrait category in particular was tough to judge as there were so many really outstanding entries. And I was especially surprised by the Kensington category – there was not a single bad entry! As always, I am honored to be able to judge and comment on work of my fellow artists."

Participating Artists

Sasa Aakil

Laura Aikman

Anne Albright

K. Lin Allen

Nataliya Andreyeva

Peijisan Art

Ken Bachman

Matthew Baker

Jennifer Barlow

Jennifer Lynn Beaudet

Marcia Bhorjee

Nancy Blacker

Walt Blackwell

Elissa Borzilleri

Regina Boston

Rick Bowers

Blandine Broomfield

Susan Fitch Brown

Virginia Browning

Holly Buehler

Sandra Cane

Sandra Cepaitis

Jing-Jy Chen

Pat Coates

Carol Cober

Shannon Cockett

Amanda Coelho

Meredith Coffey

Deborah Cohen

Deborah Cole

Lou Ann Collins

Jean Cooper

Mari Craig

Susan Crawford

Jennifer Crouch

Kellie D.

Beth Daly

Arindam Dasgupta

Sarah Clayton Davis

Nan Dawkins

Amelia De Silva

John Dillon

Paul DiVito

Grace Dobrow

Jamie Downs

Jennifer Dreyfus

Sandra Edmonson

Lynn Faiola

Rosemary Fallon

Stephanie Fernandez

Jean Finkleman

Elisabeth Fletcher Nicholson

Susan Friend

Susan Sinclair Galego

Kalpana Goel

Susanna Goldman

Ann Gordon

Madeleine Greenwald

S. J. Hadley

Jack Hammond

Christina Haslinger

Samantha Hecox

Nadia Hewchuck

Christopher Hoppe

Carrie Horton

Jeffrey Human

Beverley Hunter

Margaret Ingram

Monica Ingudam

Jonathan Jaeger

Benita Kane Jaro

Edward Johanson

Bill Johnson

Hiral Joshi

Anastasiya Kavalenka

Elielle Kayomb

Rajendra KC

Cecile Kirkpatrick

Jim Klumpner

Edward Knight

Joyce Koeneman

Alan Kolnik

Galina Kolosovskaya

Mary Kosterlitz

Joanne Lamm

Ruth Lampi

Karen Lantner

Maria Elena Lazarte

Robin Lazarus-Berlin

Margo Lehman

Elissa Leibowitz Poma

Robert LeMar

Carol Leo

Judith Levine

Lynn Lewis

Nancy Loomis

Marta Lopez Teigeiro

John MacArthur

Lalleh Mahlouji

Rahela Majidi

Barbara Mandel

Gale Marcus

Isabella Martire

Mark McAlister

Karen Merkin

Christine Merry

Debbie Miller

Audrey Moog

Ally Morgan

Laura Myers

Sara Niles

Maedeh Noroozi

Barbara Novak

Elizabeth Ochoa

Melissa Ou

Laura-Leigh Palmer

Simin Parvaz

Dora Patin

Robert Pearlman

Terry Pellmar

Sandra Pérez-Ramos

Yik Chek Phan

Ann Pielert

Deborah Pollack

Judith Prevo

Maria Quezada

Pauline Rakis

Nancy Randa

Ting Rao

Sharon Reinckens

Cindy Renteria

Amy Rice

Teresa Rizzo

Faye Ross

My-Linh Rouil

Myra Ryan

Raya Salman

Eve D. Sandmeyer

Alden Schofield

Michael Schoppman

Sandra Schraibman

Martina Sestakova

Lian Sever

Ruja Shemer

Diane Shipley

Sanford H. Shudnow

Patrick Sieg

Teresa Sites

David Sommers

Pritha Srinivasan

Carol Starr

Julie Steinberg

Emily Strulson

Jeanne Sullivan

Vicky Surles

Eleanor Tanno

Antonia Tiu

Alexandra Treadaway-Hoare

Tena Turner

Kathleen Tynan

Andrea van den Heever

Mary Vinograd

Twila Waddy

Anastasia Walsh

Christina Webber

John Weber

Jenny Wilson

Helen Wood

Ellen Yahuda

Rosemary Yue

Lis Zadravec

Paula Zeller

Vicky Zhou

Michelle Zugrav

Plein Air Competition

If you walked around Kensington on Saturday, you may have seen dozens of artists painting and drawing. Those were participants in our annual Plein Air Competition! They included MAA member Vicky Zhou, who took first place in the competition for her work Saturday Market. Vicky's piece, and all of the plein air work, is on display and for sale at the show.

Our Sponsors

We are grateful to all of those who recognize the importance of making art and sharing it in our community. Our donors are a vital and valued part of the MAA family—during this change-filled year and always. We acknowledge these donors to our show:

Safety precautions

MAA cares deeply about our artists and our community, and we want to keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are following guidance provided by the Town of Kensington, Montgomery County and the CDC:

  • Face masks are not required but strongly encouraged. If you forgot yours, one of our volunteers stationed near the entrance can provide you with one.
  • Social distancing is encouraged. 
  • No food or drink permitted on the show floor.
  • Refreshments during our reception are available from several food trucks stationed in the parking lot. Please enjoy their delicious offerings outdoors!
  • Hand sanitzer stations are available throughout the venue.
  • We will clean high touchpoint areas frequently.
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