Get in Character at the Wheaton Arts Parade

Fourteen members of the local arts community have committed so far to dress as their favorite artists or works of art for our participation in the Wheaton Arts Parade. Won’t you also join us?

From Yayoi Kusama riding on a bicycle with her flaming red hair to a Salvador Dali to Munch’s “The Scream,” we’re expecting quite a crowd during the September 23 event. We won’t spoil the surprise by revealing all of the artists and art characters lining up to participate.

If you’d like to participate too, look over this list of artists and characters we’re still looking for and then email Sandra Perez-Ramos with your selections:

  • The Mona Lisa
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Horace Pippin or a piece of his art
  • Karah Walker’s black and white cutouts
  • Augusta Savage or one of her sculptures
  • Yoko Ono
  • A Georgia O’Keefe
  • Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop women
  • A Banksy graffitti character
  • A Mary Cassatt girls in period clothes
  • Las Meninas de Velázquez
  • Monet’s garden
  • Louise Bourgeois’ spider
  • A Renoir
  • A da Vinci
  • An Escher infinity painting
  • An Andy Warhol walking Campbell’s Soup can or Brillo box
  • Nikki St. Phalle’s “Nanas”
  • Matisse’s Blue Nude silhouetteThe possibilities are endless and costume ideas are online.

The parade route is just one-third of a mile, so the walk won’t be taxing. There will be stops along the way to snap selfies with parade goers.

Afterwards, you can sell prints, cards and small original works at the MAA tent at an art festival. Please contact Sandra if you’d be interested in participating.


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