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Creative Expressions 2020: Portraits

Works are shown alphabetically by artist's last name, and award winners in the category are marked. Please click on the artist's name to see their profile.

3rd place

Oil on Canvas
21 x 27"


This very old farmer still shows his enthusiasm for life.

A Brief Respite

Oil on Canvas

11 x 14"


I was drawn to this older gentleman taking a break from his shopping. It is a reminder that at times we need a respite from what is going on around us.


Oil on Canvas

16 x 16"


While on safari in South Africa, I fell in love with the hippos. We'd watch them forever - hypnotized by their inactivity. While among the most dangerous animals in the world, you wouldn’t know it by their sluggish days staying cool in the water.

Honorable mention

Mixed Media on Wood

7 x 5"


Roscoe was a free range rooster that roamed the streets of Takoma Park during the 1990s and was emblematic of the Takoma Park's free-spirited ambiance.

An Old Soul

Oil on Canvas Panel

15 x 18"


During a Civil War re-enactment I captured (with permission) a photo of this African American Sargent. To me, he represented the unsung souls of that war.

Baby O Hangin Out 

Oil on Panel

14 x 17"


Painted for the Conservation of Apes; a portion of the proceeds will be donated.

Honorable mention
Always Waiting

Oil on Canvas

18 x 24"


I worry about my pets when leaving the house and picture them waiting in the dark. This puppy waits patiently in a sunbeam for someone to play.


Oil on Canvas

16 x 10"


Lobstermen showing off their days catch.

2nd place

Oil on Canvas

24 x 20"


My friend Joren as I saw him. Painted from direct observation during the heatwave of 2019

One World; Alone, Together


15 x 20"


Covid-19 has brought the whole world together even though we are alone in our homes. But there is hope and we will triumph in the end.

Composed Companion

Multi Media

8 x 10"


In memory of little fiesty Cressida, with traditionally feline curious, loving stare. She was an SPCA rescue with whom I shared almost 20 years.

Inside and Out

Oil on Canvas

19 x 23"


This is a portrait of my pup. She is reaching out to her friends through the glass door to say hi.


Pastel on Toned Paper

9 x 12"


This piece is about reminiscing of a past lover.


Acrylic on Canvas

16 x 20"


The inspiration for this work came from my love of fantasy art and my desire to see black and brown people positively represented in the genre, particularly as brave and independent. Very few fantasy paintings contain such representations.

1st place
Girls III

Watercolor on Paper

19 x 15"


Girls III is part of a series of watercolor paintings that deal with my exploration into humanity, animality, and gender; specifically attempting to understand my place within those worlds.

Summer Breeze

Oil on Wood

16 x 18"


The sun kissing your face, the waves crashing, the salt water breeze touching your arms as you inhale fresh clean ocean air. All the simple pleasures at the beach.

Miguel of the Vamoose

Oil on Canvas

36 x 24"


Leaving Manhattan on the Vamoose Bus, I was struck by the calm and expert efficiency of our bus driver Miguel who commanded a certain authority over the behemoth bus. He is another hard working and dedicated person who keeps our world moving.

Honorable mention
My Dear Grandmother


16 x 20"


This is a portrait of my dear Grandmother, Sulochana, who lived in Chennai, India. We kept in touch by writing letters and deeply cherished receiving each other's mail.

Mystical Heron


11 x 12"


The heron mystifies me with its regal beauty and focus. I welcome the artistic expression of that mystery.

Kenetta Torso

Color Pencil

11 x 14"


Multiple strokes revealing or concealing the body.

Murmurs Between Species


15 x 22"


As I live with 4 Hounds and communicate using minimal words with them. I painted this image to convey the same mysterious communication.


Fabric and Oil on Canvas

24 x 36"


My inspiration started by using leftover fabric from the many masks I've made during quarantine for health and service workers. The portrait is of a woman that cooked for a group of us dance and drum students visiting Guinea, West Africa, in 1991.


Acrylic on Glass

28 x 20"


This bold Anhinga serves as a reminder of a romantic trip to the Everglades.

Jane's birthday

Mixed Media on Paper

21 x 15"


I created this illustration as a tribute to Jane Goodall and a celebration of her birthday. Jane Goodall is my hero, for all the good she does for animals and the environment.

Nestled fox

Colored Pencil

11 x 14"


This fox has snuggled around himself, peeking out cautiously, as though in an attitude of self-comfort.

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