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Creative Expressions 2020: Landscapes

Works are shown alphabetically by artist's last name, and award winners in the category are marked. Please click on the artist's name to see their profile.

1st place
Brugge Canal at Rest

Oil on Canvas

16 x 20"


After a hectic day around Brugge, Belgium, I passed this canal void of all the tourists. Peaceful, tranquil.

Warm Winter


16 x 13"


This is a woolly bear caterpillar I saw in October 2019, wholly orange, thus predicting a warm winter.  I particularly liked the red stems of the ground cover he was crawling into from the macadem.



22 x 18"


I love the random miracles that watercolor creates. They never cease to inspire me. I enjoy the mixing of color on the paper and the feeling of being a mad scientist from the beginning to the end of the process.

Quiessence II


10 x 8"


Inspired by gorgeous colors of a sunsrise on the coast and the early morning silence!

Honorable mention
50's Canna Lily

Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

24  x 24"


This was a canna lily at Kennelworth Aquatic Gardens. The color and image in general reminds me of the upholstery on my Grandmother's couch in the 1950's.

October Breezes


12 x 16"


A sunny breezy Fall afternoon in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, inspired this painting.

Birds in the Bush

Gel Print with Graphite Pencil

15  x 12"


I made this print with a gel plate, acrylic paint and leaf stencils. After making the print I began to see bird shapes which were not intentional. I drew the contours of the shapes with pencil and then considered it a more interesting composition.


Watercolor on Hot Press

23  x 19"


Red vs. Black & White and Stillness vs. Movement: There is a calmness beneath the solitary red fish, and water movement beneath all others.


Oil on Canvas

27 x 21"


This painting depicts the tapestry of Springtime and is one of a series I am working on.

Honorable mention
Art Class

Oil on Canvas

22 x 18"


I hope the viewer will feel the bond that artists share by being artists, but also notice that each artist is looking out in a unique direction.

Hawk Creek Afternoon

Oil on Masonite

24 x 24"


It is one of my favorite places on the Oregon coast. This larger oil work is from a small sketch and watercolor and my memories.

Turtle Tableau


20 x 16"


This was an endearing scene from nature that I unexpectedly encountered on one of my recent getaway trail walks.

Paris Twilight


16 x 14"


The atmosphere in Paris is enhanced by the light. Twilight casts a soft glove that makes the city magical.

Washington in May

Oil on Canvas

32 x 24"


I wanted to capture the beauty of Washington in May, the soothing ambiance of flowers coming to life in wonderful colors of Spring.

At Rest

Digital Painting

18  x 24"


While reviewing some old photos, the picture of these beached kayaks brought me back to a time that was so much more tranquil. I wanted to recapture that feeling in this digital painting. (1/10 varied edition)

Robin Hood's Bay


19 x 16"


Known as Bay Town today, the village at Robin Hood's Bay sits on the coast of North Yorkshire, England. Picturesque and car-free streets jostle tall white red roofed houses down the cliffs, making a captivating painterly scene.

3rd place
St Rita's (Nice)


16 x 20"


Loved sitting amidst cafes doing this plein air piece in Nice last summer!  It was a day of pure Provence color.

Of Traveling North

Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 25"


This painting is my interpretation of Greece while traveling from south to north. It is based on fragmentation of time, space and light.

October Sunflowers

Oil on Linen Panel

16  x 26"


Painted on a chilly fall morning in the Brandywine Valley. The fresh yellow of the flowers contrasted with the fading earth colors of the fall foliage.


Oil on Canvas

18  x  24"


This is a scene at Gettysburg near Devil's Den during the golden hour. I tend to look for luminous scenes that spark memories.

Honorable mention
Good Path

Oil on Canvas

19  x 16"


On the grounds of the Wheaton Nature Center, I walked my gear & painter’s clothes past a disconcerted family. I painted a bit & a mounted policeman rode along the hill and gave a nod.

2nd place
Brookside Pavillon

Oil on Canvas

14  x 11"


Beautiful day at Brookside Gardens - trying to capture the delicate Japanese Maple gracing the Pavilion.

Cottages at the River


16  x 20"


A peaceful place in these scary times.

Time Square Crossing


18  x 24"


New York City before March 2020 Lockdown

Wellfleet Marsh Splendor

Pastel on Sanded Paper

24 x 19"


If only I could perfectly capture the delight of white sand beaches meeting up with blue estuaries running in and out of vibrant salt marsh flats of Cape Cod's Wellfleet area -- Oh how wonderful that would be.

Africa Sunset


15  x 18"


Sunset happens quickly in South Africa's Kruger National Park. At the end of Winter, trees are still without leaves and stand as sentinels against the sky.

Book Club


8 x 10"


I love how chickens hang out together and imagine them discussing something important, like their favorite book!

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