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Creative Expressions 2020: Abstract

Works are shown alphabetically by artist's last name, and award winners in the category are marked. Please click on the artist's name to see their profile.

2nd place

Watercolor & Fiber Paste on Watercolor Paper
18 x 21"

This is a non-representational work that I focused on a scattered composition. After applying paste and paint, an angel seemed to appear floating upward in the upper right hand corner. Title was found!

1st place
Solitary Spaces

Acrylic on Canvas
12 x 12"

This piece is meant to represent the feeling of various spaces you may be in physically, mentally or emotionally, and how they can intersect and create a whole new environment and perspective.

11 x 11"

This is an abstract piece of art inspired by the Chinese lunar year celebrations. The lanterns motivated my thoughts about starting afresh. The writing on the green lantern says 'live' - it brings hope and purpose in life.

City Spaces I
Acrylic on Canvas
16 x 20"

Finding the color in the monochromatic materials of urban spaces is how I represent a vibrant, kinetic city life.

Celestial Currents
48 x 36"

This is my way of expressing how I feel when I meditate.  It is a celestial feeling and I am so close to the Presence of God.

Topsy Turvey
Acrylic on Canvas
20 x 24"

Expansion of the typical landscape and exploration of color.

Biological Clock No. 2
Mixed-Media (Papers, Acrylic Paint, Ink, and Oil Pastels)
18 x 22"

This piece is part of a series highlighting the mystery and beauty of pollinators, birds, plants, and other species and the ticking of the world's environmental clock.

Honorable mention
Paint Me Some Fish

Mixed Media (Fabric and Ink on Rice Paper)
16 x 25"

I have worked with fabric for many years and, inspired by Japanese panels, decided to experiment with mixed media by combining ink painting on rice paper with fabric borders. An artist friend suggested, “Paint me some fish”.

Freudian Slip
Oil Crayon , Acrylic Paint , Oil Paint
14 x17"

I was thinking a lot about Freud and his theories and what his mother would have thought about her son.

3rd place

Acrylic on Wood Panel
30 x 24"

Amazed in how Geometry is in the Universe and colors.

Nineteen are Dying That Have Never Died Before
Mixed Media on Canvas
22 x 26"

I was trying to use colors that are out of my comfort zone and explore current feelings. The title is not a political statement just a little dark humor.

Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 36"

Two opposites  portray a story about a beautiful couple who think different but totally indulge eachother!

Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 36"

Strong colors were my overriding objective.

La Femme
14 x 20"

I was amused by the odd collection of items around the model and the wonder swathe her hair made.

Hear the Wind
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x18"

This rendering captures movement in nature, how the wind interacts with the flora rooted to the ground, creating a restlessness, an unspoken tension between earth and air. Bold sunlight in the background underscores this silent battle.

Perchance to Dream  (Num-2)
Acrylic and Ink on Paper
25 x 18

The dream-like impression derives from edited blind-contour life drawings I made earlier.  In step 2, choosing colors becomes critical--it may take numerous iterations.

Cherry Blossom
Oil with Texture on Canvas
24 x 36"

This painting represents my abstract vision and feeling about Cherry Blossom.  The vision is the beauty of nature and how I appreciate it. The feeling is the experience of freedom to create and flourish of emotions.

Beyond the Onyx Reef
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 36"

I want the viewer to go on an adventure with me. Traveling up and down the onyx reef and continue soaring beyond the black coral.

Conversation Through the Garden
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 30"

The art was inspired by a walk with a friend through a flowering garden

12 X 16"

I did this painting while on vacation at the beach. Images of the sea and the beautiful gardens around me influenced my thoughts as I was painting.

Fluid Acrylic
56 x 24"

Fluid Acrylic Happiness....the process of laying down color and allowing each to mingle with each other without being disturbed or forced to interact. I wanted to make a bold statement, which was accomplished.

Acrylic, Canvas Mounted on Board
18 x 18"

A time of national stress.

Four Birds
Watercolor, Marker, and Paper Maps on Paper
9 x 7"

These birds are bright and cheery.  And with maps as wings, they know where they're going.

Here You May Find Me
Watercolor on Yupo
12 x 16"

Words in a Mary Oliver poem inspired the title. This piece focuses on the now, on wherever you may be in this moment. On the inside of you and in the outside world.

21 x 28"

This is a collage created by shredding colored paper and gluing the pieces to create patterns. My artwork explores the question: What if everyday surroundings, filled with rhythms and repetition, could suggest that our lives are filled with music?

Variegated Bouquet
Acrylic on Canvas
40 x 30"

My abstract floral paintings are simultaneously bold and colorful yet soft and serene. The beauty of flowers fills my heart with awe and I hope this painting brings others this sense even if only for a moment.

Surf the Cosmos
Mixed Media Collage on Cradle Board
11 x 14"

Searching the Cosmos for meaning and the spirit of human endeavor.

Impressions of Spring
5 x 7"

Feeling like I needed to experience Spring yet unable to embrace my favorite season due to Corona,  I decided to paint my impression of a floral to feel Spring a little more.

Forest Light
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 36"

This is a contemporary abstract landscape that depicts light coming through trees

Put Another Dime In the Juke Box Baby
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 36"

I used music as a medium in my painting. This piece was painted with the influence and vibe of Joan Jett, A Montgomery County native. The title is taken from her song "I love Rock ad Roll."

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