Announcing the 2018 Paint the Town Labor Day Show Winners

Kensington Station by Jennifer Beaudet

Congratulations to the winners of our 2018 Paint the Town Labor Day Show:

Kensington Category
First Place ~ The Bertha Clum Award:  Jennifer Beaudet ~ “Kensington Station” (shown above)
Second Place ~ Lis Zadravec ~ “Last Time at Warner Park Circle”
Third Place ~ Antonia Tiu ~ “Wired for Power”
Honorable Mention ~ Lily Kak ~ “Kensington Crystal”
Honorable Mention ~ Diana Medina ~ “Kensington Train”
Honorable Mention ~ Karen Merkin ~ “Kensington Car Show”
Honorable Mention ~ Evan Goldman ~ “Fresh Tomatoes”
Honorable Mention ~ Ricky Sears ~ “Mario’s”

Montgomery County Fair by Jennifer Beaudet

First Place ~ Jennifer Beaudet ~ “Montgomery County Fair”
Second Place ~ Jan Rowland ~ “In the Heat of the City”
Third Place ~ Debra Halprin ~ “Tulipmania”
Honorable Mention ~ Maria Quezada ~ “Water Lilies”
Honorable Mention ~ Diana Medina ~ “City in the Valley”
Honorable Mention ~ Terry Pellmar ~ “Dusk”

Mary Beth by Laura Aikman

Portrait, People and Animals
First Place ~ Laura Aikman ~ “Mary Beth”
Second Place ~ Doudgy Charmant ~ “Stolen Innocence”
Third Place ~ Vicky Surles ~ “Portrait of Terry Ryle”
Honorable Mention ~ Alan Rich ~ “Gretta”
Honorable Mention ~ Ann Gordon ~ “Portrait”
Honorable Mention ~ Carol Leo ~ “Mr. and Mrs.”

Radishes by Debra Halprin

Still Life
First Place ~ Debra Halprin ~ “Radishes”
Second Place ~ Pinghsian Chen ~ “Orchid”
Third Place ~ Ernest Walker ~ “Oyster”
Honorable Mention ~ Pat Coates ~ “Glad Tidings”
Honorable Mention ~ Debbie Miller  ~ “Sitting Pretty”
Honorable Mention ~ Angela Lacy ~ “City Moment”

New Beginning by Doudgy Charmant

First Place ~ Doudgy Charmant~ “New Beginning”
Second Place ~ Geri Olson ~ “Everywhere”
Third Place ~ Anastasia Walsh~ “Bolla di Pensiero”
Honorable Mention ~ Jonathan Jaeger ~ “Screaming Out”
Honorable Mention ~ Jeanne Sullivan ~ “Traveler’s Symphony”
Honorable Mention ~ Jeffrey Human ~ “The Memory”

Caught a Whopper! by Barrie Ripin


3D Sculpture
First Place ~ Barrie Ripin ~ “Caught a Whopper!”
Second Place ~ James Vissari ~ “Serenity”
Third Place ~ Anastasia Walsh~ “View of Sardinian Valley”
Honorable Mention ~ Elizabeth Steel ~ “Mardi Gras 3”

Bonjour by Glen Kessler

Invitational Winner
Glen Kessler ~ “Bonjour”

Car in Front of Fountain by Leonardo Ramos

Plein Air Competition Winners 

First Place ~ Leonardo Ramos ~ “Car in Front of Fountain”
Second Place ~ Carol Leo ~ “Victorian with Foliage”
Third Place ~ Lynn Lewis ~ “Watermelon II”
Honorable Mention ~ Debbie Miller ~ “Fragrance of Summer Wine”
Honorable Mention ~ Meredith Morris ~ “Other Side of the Tracks”
Honorable Mention ~ Cathy Abramson ~ “Ready to Eat”

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