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Abstracts: A Judged Exhibition

MAA is pleased to present the fifth of our 2020 members-only online exhibitions, Abstracts. 

Abstract art uses visual language of shape, form, color, and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.

Our judge was Eric Millikin, an innovative conceptual artist. His work is interactive, using a wide range of user tools. His artwork explores social and political topics, and uses strategies to reach broad audiences in ways that are intellectual and stimulating. 

All of the artwork in this show is available for purchase, with prices shown (not including 6% Maryland sales tax). If you are interested in making a purchase, please email

Award Winners

1st Place

"Random Joy"

by Myra Ryan

2nd Place

"Windows of the Universe"

by Baudilio Salguero

3rd Place


by Erin Friedman

Honorable Mention

"Under the Microscope"

by Anne Albright

Honorable Mention

"When We Hold Together"

by Hiral Joshi

Honorable Mention

"Through the Glass"

by Simin Parvaz

Honorable Mention

"2020, Blood and Beauty"

by Pritha Srinivasan

Honorable Mention

"My Golden Day"

by Anastasia Walsh

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62 photo(s) Updated on: 22 Oct 2020
  • "Renewal" by Frank Mancino
  • "Be Bold" by Ingrid Matuszewski
  • "Web of Darkness" by Gloria Miotto
  • "Time in a Bottle" by Geri Olson
  • "Navigating Corona" by Francisca Oviedo
  • "Through the Glass" by Simin Parvaz
  • "Oscar" by Terry Pellmar
  • "Fleurette Africaine 5" by Sandra Perez-Ramos
  • "Flight" by Albert Perry
  • "Reaching Out" by Tinu Prakash
  • "Orange County" by Judy Prevo
  • "Helpless" by Nadya Primak
  • "Guardian Angel" by Pauline Rakis
  • "In the Shadows" by Maylene Rasmussen
  • "130-133" by Alan Rich
  • "Glow" by Julia Rosenbaum
  • "Random Joy" by Myra Ryan
  • "Windows of the Universe" by Baudilio Salguero
  • "Happy Wave" by Raya Salman
  • "Little Boxes on the Hillside" by Ellen Schwab
  • "The World Goes On" by Martina Sestakova
  • "Up and Around" by Diane Shipley
  • "Whisper" by Theresa Sites
  • "Looking Through a Glass Darkly" by Penny Smith
  • "Lavender Pink Fantasy" by David Sommers

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