MAA Officer Roles

MAA Officer Roles

Subject to the MAA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, the affairs of MAA are conducted under the direction of the Board of Directors—those elected and those appointed to perform the necessary activities of MAA.  The Board normally meets two times per year, but may meet additional times if called by the president.  Between formal meetings, information exchange and necessary business decisions are handled via email.  All efforts are made to minimize “bureaucracy” while ensuring officers are able to conduct their roles appropriately and efficiently.

To ensure adequate staffing and to capitalize on the skills of MAA members, the Board can have as many as 21 Board positions, either elected or appointed. The paragraphs below describe current elective Board roles. In addition, after the election, the Board may appoint additional Board members.


The president is the chief executive officer of MAA, presides over all meetings of MAA and its Board, and is responsible for carrying out the programs and policies established by the MAA Board and the MAA membership.

First Vice President (Programs):

The first vice president is responsible for the regular monthly programs (normally October through May) with the exception of the December holiday party (handled by the Activities Committee).  If necessary, the first vice president will also assume the role of President upon vacancy.

Second Vice President (Shows):

The second vice president is responsible for the administration, conduct and overseeing of all MAA shows.  The second vice president is assisted in this responsibility through member support and show chairpersons.


The treasurer maintains the financial accounts of MAA, deposits all monies promptly, disburses funds as appropriate and authorized, prepares and submits tax returns, and produces periodic financial statements for review by the Board.


The secretary prepares minutes of Board meetings and maintains a record of Board decisions made at Board meetings or through other methods, such as email.  Minutes shall be kept in such a way that historical records of Board meetings are maintained.

Member Activities Committee Chairperson and Staff: 

The activities committee plans and arranges for any workshops, museum trips and other art-related or social activities desired by the membership.

Hospitality Committee Chairperson and Staff:

The hospitality committee ensures that basic reception supplies (tablecloths, glasses, plates, napkins) are available for all MAA show and gallery receptions.  Usually, reception refreshments are provided by members, but on occasion, the hospitality committee may provide specific items as requested.  All costs borne by the Hospitality Committee as described above are covered by MAA.

Membership Committee Chairperson and Staff:

The membership committee receives all dues, promptly transmits them to the Treasurer, and keeps an up-to-date list of members.  The membership committee may also conduct membership campaigns and otherwise solicit new and renewed members.

e-Newsletter Editors and Staff:

The e-Newsletter staff is responsible for gathering, publishing and mailing the MAA newsletter.  Currently, this position is performed by two persons—e-Newsletter Editor (content) and e-Newsletter Editor (design).  They are currently supported by one e-Newsletter reporter.

Publicity, Website, Facebook, and Community Outreach Committee and Staff:

Publicity is responsible for notifying newspapers, magazines, radio and other media of shows and meetings of MAA and providing any posters, signs, or other material to publicize these activities.  In addition, the management and maintenance of our website and Facebook page as well as the children’s art activities and festival participation are supported by staff within this committee area.