A Tribute to James Vissari and His Art

James Vissari at the 2018 Paint the Town Labor Day Show.

Life gets busy when you’re an artist, especially when you begin producing and showing more and more work. Given his roles as a Yellow Barn art instructor, an active member of a local art gallery and a successful artist participating in many shows throughout the area, James Vissari has decided to vacate the MAA presidency in order to focus on his art career.

In a recent survey about our Paint the Town Labor Day Show, our members noted that finding camaraderie with other artists was the best part of the show. James has been the key reason that happens. He was always the friendliest face at our shows, welcoming all members, familiar or not, with an exuberant warmth and huge smile. He made MAA feel like an intimate club of artist friends.

James exuded that same sincerity in networking in the community, building relationships that have helped MAA grow. We have nearly 200 members, we’ve added more shows, and we now participate in more community events.

James has also been committed to seeing new artists gain knowledge of the business of art through the mentorship of more established artists and through educational opportunities that MAA provides. It was through MAA, after all, that he won some of his first awards for his art. James’ commitment to learning from others is now the foundation of MAA’s vision.

We wish to thank James for all he put into being president and for caring so deeply about this organization. Certainly it’s not goodbye, as James will remain an MAA member and, we hope, still bring his huge, warm smile to our meetings and shows.

Here’s a collection of some of James’ drawings, paintings and sculptures:

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