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Welcome to "Our Stories", a new online exhibit of Montgomery Art Association members' artwork. We hope you enjoy this intimate show: our artists are sharing creations with a deep personal meaning to them. Scroll through these artworks from the comfort of your home, sit back, and read our artists' insights. Enjoy the show!

Artworks are listed in alphabetical order by artist last name. This exhibit runs May 1- June 30, 2020. Interested in purchasing the original version of the artwork you see here? Contact Martina Sestakova at  

Laura Aikman

House in Georgia

24" x 24"

Acrylic on Canvas


My sister and mother used to live in a small town in Georgia. My mother was in a wheelchair, and we would often take walks around town. This is a small house that we used to pass on our walks. The house was dilapidated, but still lived in. I was fascinated by the home security sign posted outside.

Blandine Broomfield

Where the Loire Meets the Bridge 

24" x 18"



Before my father died, he requested I inter his ashes in Tours near his mother. However, because he had joined a cult in America, disowning his family, despite their desperate pleas, they rejected his wishes. Thus I could not get permission from the government. They allowed me to place his ashes in the river. So here at the Loire I experienced the extreme beauty of France and the ripping sorrow of laying my dad to rest and being rejected by my aunt and uncle due to Dad's choices.

Bonnie Carlson

Chandni Chowk

18" x 24"

Acrylic on Paper


Before I moved to India, my palette built on shades of grey and eggshell whites. I sketched in pencil, drew with ink, and rarely added color. After India, everything changed. My eyes were challenged by a nation of clashes and riots of colors. India is a complicated culture of great joy and sorrow, but to see each in the colors of India is to experience both equally as beauty. India gave me so much, but above all, India gave me color.

Giancarlo Chiancone


24" x 36"

Acrylic on Canvas


In art l call myself Giano ,the Italian for the two headed deity of ancient Rome. Like Janus l look forward to the future and backwards to the past.

From surgeon to painter , a new beginning. I am a surgeon and Art is my safety valve to keep my sanity.

Color is everything to me.

The work that l am showing here “Krino“ (from the Greek word for choice) represents the constant need for choices, hopefully colored and happy ones, like this colorful horse which l dedicated to the mesmerizing Sicily.

Amanda Coelho

Spring Fling

12" x 12"



Spring is my favorite season. The flowers. The weather. The baseball. My 15 year old son is a baseball fanatic. Since he was in Kindergarten, my Sundays have become afternoons on the bleachers watching him play. Watching him grow. Some parents dread another game, I cherish them. They are my enforced relaxation. Each Winter I look forward to my Sunday Spring Fling.

Roy Comiskey

Richard's Blue Jay

7" x 5"

Mixed Media Collage

on Wood Panel


As a backyard bird-watcher I enjoy seeing Blue Jays at my feeder. These large, colorful birds are common to the Mid-Atlantic states and it is said that when a Blue Jay appears in your life, you will feel safe and protected. During these uncertain times I take comfort in observing our feathered friends and some semblance of normality to my daily life.

Sharon Doyle


48" x 36"



I painted this piece for my son, Jim, who was 19 at the time. He had completed high school and a gap year of working at a local restaurant. He was ready to begin the local community college and wanted to live on his own. Together we found a nice place for him live and begin his independence. Just like these boats, Jim was setting sail into his adulthood and his future.

Claire Howard

April Afternoon

24" x 36"



Cherry blossoms are our glorious introduction to Spring's arrival; their beautiful pinks fill us with joy and hope. I love their reflection in the water and their blossoms amidst the April skies.

Barbara Kloc

Gazebo Grandeur

12" x 16"

Mixed Media


In seeking a peaceful new home, I was beckoned by the Victorian edifice on a hill facing the building; and was later inspired to depict this symbol of home. I chose hues matching the pastel weather-beaten greys and browns; with arching branches surrounding the intricate designs of the structure.

Joyce Koeneman


16" x 20"

Acrylic on Canvas


I am inspired when driving by interesting views, especial rural countryside. These magnificent bridges always inspire me. I will paint another view of this bridge. The sun on the suspension cables is wondrous.

Mary Kosterlitz

After the Noon Rush

20" x 16"



In my artwork I like to try to capture fleeting moments in people’s lives. This work was inspired by an afternoon I spent in a restaurant in Portland, Oregon, the Goose Hollow Tavern. I believe life is made up of these little moments.

Irina Koren

Melody of Hope


Mixed Media


This painting was inspired by the beautiful music of violinist Ann-Sophie Mutter. I used mixed media and different textures to capture the range of emotions I feel when listening to the music. The struggle between the darkness and the light.

Leslie Kraff


10" x 10"



I was visiting a friend on the Eastern shore; it was on the river. A lovely place of peace and solitude. One night we went for a walk under the light of a full moon. The shared wonder of the universe became part of the fabric of our relationship.

Carol Leo

St. Barnabas Church

20" x 16"



This is a picturesque church near my home. Based on the gravestone inscriptions, it predates the Civil War. There is something very powerful about a building in its second centennial that remains standing in its original strength and charm. In its timelessness, it is a reminder of the timelessness of God. It is my favorite plein air painting location in the immediate area. This painting was a step into fresh air away from the current quarantine lifestyle.

Maiya Lonesome

Collateral Damage Too

18" x 24"

Acrylic on Canvas


This piece exemplifies an image of someone that became collateral damage in someone else's storm. There are bridges of connections that are trying to bind the pieces back together and broken circles of once trust. In the wreckage of the aftermath, the yellow symbolizes hope of being whole someday.

John McArthur

Cherry Blossoms #1

18" x 24"



I have gone off on tangents. I see someone’s work and love it. Then I try to use their style. This painting is a return to me, good or bad, me.

Gloria Miotto

Struggles of Darkness & Peace

24" x 36"

Oil/with Texture on Canvas


This painting expresses my feelings and vision of our struggles to fight the darkness and embrace peace across the world. The COVID-19 global pandemic brought these two struggles to our lives.

Dora Patin

Young Cardinal

10" x 8"



I found this baby bird in the gardens of Hillwood Estate in DC. Fallen out of its nest, it was scared and lost. A beautiful red cardinal kept showing up to console his baby. I would only hope it survived, but no matter the outcome, it will live forever in my painting.

Carolyn Peirce 

Summer Meadow, Rockport Maine

24'' x 18"



Maine has a special place in my heart. I have been going there for part of every summer with my family for decades. After my husband died, I was walking in a meadow alone and loved the almost chaotic beauty of the many grasses and wildflowers. I tried to capture that feeling with a watercolor background and then used the plants themselves to print directly on the surface. A little splattered red paint completed the wild and free effect I was seeking.

Jan Rowland

Of evenings at the Met

24" x 30"

Acrylic on canvas


My painting is one of a "Peeping Tom" series. The artwork references my interest in windows. I am fascinated at the multiple images that are seen when looking through windows. There are images in front and behind you. Multiple images are everywhere. My painting seeks to capture the many reflections using limited color with a preference for surface movement and shapes that harmonize.

Martina Sestakova

There Are No Rules

8.5" x 12"

Watercolor on Yupo


Mary Oliver’s poetry inspires my visual explorations of language and its perceived meanings. This piece explores a poem titled “Three Things to Remember.” As you can imagine, one of them is that “there are no rules.” A piece filled with colors, textures, and movement, I felt energized while painting it.

Ellen Sherfey


32" x 32"



Launching strokes onto a large canvas, I experimented with acrylics. With mark directions and some colors established, I stretched the partial image, finding inspiration to develop a giant wall of water due to environmental concern.

Robert Shiao


24" x 18"

Oil on Canvas


This painting is an image from a national park in Canada I visited in 2017.

Patrick Sieg

Cooped Up

20" x 16"

Oil on Canvas


We walk our pet corgi named Sadie at the Agricultural Farm Park in Montgomery County. Behind the historic farmhouse and barn is the chicken coop. During the pandemic we feel as cooped up as these animals and that inspired my painting. And these chickens have names and are beautiful.

Teresa Sites

Fish in Stream 

24" x 24"

Acrylic on Canvas


In this artwork, I explore the following question: What if everyday surroundings, filled with rhythms, patterns and repetition could suggest that our lives are filled with music? In this series, pattern, as a principle of art, corresponds to music as each repeated element is a visual metaphor for rhythms and beats. In these works, playfully rendered animals find themselves situated within musical environments.

Penny Smith

Music for the Soul

11" x 14"

Oil on Canvas


Music and art have always held a special place in my heart. Music provides mood and inspiration as I paint the rhythms and color vibrations of my subject. My painting, “Music for the Soul”, brings my two loves together.

David Sommers

Union Station Shoeshine

36" x 24"



Social injustice and inequality show up in all our lives every day. People from minority groups are the ones collecting garbage, cleaning houses, providing haircuts, taking care of the elderly, doing nails, serving food, driving Uber, cutting grass, stocking the shelves in grocery stores, etc. And this is even more true during Covid-19. This painting is my attempt to turn this around by portraying black men having their shoes shined by white men. The work is based on photos taken at Union Station in Washington, DC. 

Antonia Tiu

Cafe Amsterdam

26" x 22"



My painting is from an intriguing photo my husband took in Amsterdam, 2017. A night scene just like any other night. The juror’s award write up I received mentioned that this place was an iconic European Queer bar that closed its door in summer of 2019 after 50 years. My painting seemed almost a lovely memorial to a historic bar gone forever.

Alexandra Treadaway-Hoare

Ocular Water Bubble

30” x 22"



Discovering I had a macular hole in my retina, I had surgery, the bubble of water was inserted to act as a proverbial ‘safe healing area’ for my eye. This meant that I had to look at my feet whether seated or standing and sleep on my ‘front’, face down. As surgery healed, water bubble started to shrink and go indigo blue. This painting is how I saw the world, in bird's eye view, while looking down at flowers. Surgery was 100% successful in 2 months.

Rosa Vera

Perdida en Edén (Lost in Eden)

Acrylic on Canvas

23.6" x 29.5"


"Lost in Eden" was inspired by the quarantine. Some of us are fortunate to live in comfortable surroundings, even though we can't go out, with food on our tables.  We have these riches and, even still, we feel lost. The figure of a woman is lost in the colorful surroundings.

Anastasia Walsh

Carol's Peonies

44" x 48"

Acrylic Painted on Glass


Carol Pressey was a dear friend who introduced me to the wonderful field of peonies at Seneca Creek State Park. We went there one day and took scores of photos. Sadly, Carol passed away from cancer a few years ago, and so I painted this double glass window in her honor. I see Carol and all her wonderfulness in the painting.

Ellen Yahuda

London Pandemic Outreach Heroes

8" x 10"

Pastel on Pastel Board


London outreach worker being cheeky, her description, "having a fag break". A woman of strength in front of the Tower of strength.

Lisa Zadravec

The Scouts

15.5" x 11"

Colored Pencil


When going into the woods the hunter or naturalist will often test the air, to know where the air currents are, being careful to not be upwind of what they are looking for. This girl, with her bird's knowledge of air currents and fox's sense of smell and her own eyes, is on the lookout. It seems like a premonitory piece. I did it just before our current situation, for a show that got cancelled. My Scouts are still on the lookout.

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