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  • 19 May 2020 2:25 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    Let's create together! One idea, many unique interpretations. If you follow our MAA Members Facebook page, you know we enjoy painting together. This blog highlights our latest project. Member John MacArhur shared a photo of Mount Vesuvius from his trip to Italy in 2018. Scroll below to see how our members interpreted the inspiration.

    Original photograph; credit: John MacArthur

    And here we have our members' interpretations ... 

    Alan Rich, Post It Note, 3" x 3", Pen/ink/colored pencil

    Tena Turner, 6.5" x 10", Prismacolor on Borden and Riley Vellum

    Ellen Yahuda, 11" x 7", Oil on paper

    Susan Farrer, 5" x 7", Collage with hand painted paper

  • 19 May 2020 1:58 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    It is sad but true; there will not be a live, three-day MAA art exhibit in the Kensington Armory on Labor Day weekend this year. The town of Kensington has confirmed that the events will not take place due to the pandemic quarantine.

    But MAA is getting so adept at putting on online exhibits that we are pressing ahead with six online events to make up for this!

    We are keeping the name Paint The Town (PTT) but there are no restrictions about Kensington art this year. Each month from July - December we will conduct a judged online exhibit for a specific category. We will hold an online Zoom reception/award meeting with the judge (each show will have a different judge). We will also hold an online Zoom Artist's Salon during the exhibit to encourage artists to share background about their painting.

    Here is the schedule (Reception / Salon dates may change):


    June 12-19 Call for entries

    July 1-31     Landscape exhibit online

    July 5          Reception & Awards with Judge

    July 19        Artist's Salon

    Urban Landscape

    July 12-19     Call for entries

    August 1-31  Urban Landscape exhibit online

    August 2        Reception & Awards with Judge

    August 16      Artist's Salon

    Plein Air

    August 12-19     Call for entries

    September 1-30 Plein Air exhibit online

    September 6      Reception & Awards with Judge

    September 20    Artist's Salon


    September 12-19 Call for entries

    October 1-31        Portrait exhibit online

    October 4             Reception & Awards with Judge

    October 18           Artist's Salon


    October 12-19     Call for entries

    November 1-30   Abstract exhibit online

    November 1        Reception & Awards with Judge

    November 15      Artist's Salon

    Still Life

    November 12-19 Call for entries

    December 1-31   Still Life exhibit online

    December 6        Reception & Awards with Judge

    December 20      Artist's Salon

    Registration for each online show will be $5 and will be limited to 1 entry per exhibit. MAA membership is required for participation, and renewals will be needed for the September and beyond online exhibit. As previously mentioned, MAA memberships will be reduced to half price ($25) for renewals prior completed prior to September 1.

    Please contact Anastasia Walsh ( with any questions.

  • 13 May 2020 9:03 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    Several of MAA members undertook a fun project. They captured 'their view' during these times of staying at home. Elissa Poma kicked of the activity by sharing this watercolor capturing the backyard of her home. 

    Ellen Wilcox added her artwork in oil on canvas. And what a treat, she is part of the view. 

    In his "Quarantined" painting (oil), John MacArthur captured neighbors gathering out front during the Covid-19 pandemic. His piece (sold) was done en plein aire. 

    And finally, Jamie Downs added a close-up of bees (acrylic and ink on canvas). She said of this painting, "While isolated in my home, I have been painting the things I look forward to each Spring. For years, I admired bee balm at our family cabin in Pennsylvania and tried to bring it home without success. Now I have it spreading across my yard and can watch the bees and humming birds enjoy it." 

  • 4 May 2020 8:29 PM | Anonymous
    by Ellen Yahuda

    During this time in quarantine and solitude, I decided to try something different and challenging in my painting. I noticed on the MAA Members Facebook group a schedule for models. I have tried on several occasions to arrange for a get together with models and fellow students, and it worked only once.

    To me, these new Zoom-based sessions provided a fantastic opportunity to have it all, at my “doorstep,” with no driving and no organizing of others. And, there was plenty of time to meet a new challenge.

    I emailed Gazelle, the first model whose date for posing suited my timing. Her reply was helpful and encouraging. The cost was only $5.00 per hour, and about an hour before the time for the class, a Zoom ID and password is sent to your email address.

    In that first reply, Gazelle explained the details of the arranged poses and dress of the model in the time allotted. Gazelle also helpfully sent me the calendar for the whole week for all of the models.

    I did two sessions this past week with two different models. During the sessions the model and other students interact both before class and during the breaks. For instance, yesterday I asked what each person was using, whether it was charcoal, pastel or pencil. It turned out I was the only one attempting oil painting and was cheerfully told I was brave. That art community out there is so friendly.


    These sessions are under the auspices of the DC Art Model Collective. My experience is that the sessions are professional, with attention paid to lighting, background, dress and pose. The models are all supportive of each other, announcing the next model’s session at the end of their session. There have been 3-5 participants and some models in the sessions I have attended. Art friend have been in sessions with up to 10 artists.

    I have already decided which sessions I will do next week. It’s really good to have a choice to do one-, two-, or three-hour sessions. With both models, there were 5 and 10 minute warm-ups.

    The models ask kindly that you don’t take photos and if you want, they will send you a photo depending on the quality for either $5  or $10 I am still working on two oil paintings and asked for photos to be sent to me.

    It was all so smooth, serious and exhilarating. I highly recommend these events.

    If you are interested in participating in a Zoom-based session, with the DC Art Model Collective, look for details on the group's calendar, Facebook page or Instagram page.

    Sketches courtesy Ellen Yahuda

  • 30 Apr 2020 1:10 PM | Kathleen Tynan (Administrator)

    Ally Morgan 

    Lives in:  Rockville, MD


    Social Media:

    Media and subjects:  Watercolor Mixed Media.  

    Why you joined MAA:  I joined MAA to get to know other working artists in the area.

    Something fun about you: I love playing video games.  It is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. 

    Artist Biography: 

    Ally Morgan is a visual artist and art teacher working in Montgomery County, Maryland.  In 2010 she received her BFA in painting from Salisbury University and she received her MFA in drawing and painting from Arizona State University in 2014.  

    Ally is a mixed media artist, focusing on watercolors, pens, and colored pencils.  Inspired by the lectures of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, she endeavors to explore the identity of the “Animal Other” as well as her own personal relationship with them.  Derrida suggested that “the animal looks at us and we are naked before it… thinking perhaps starts here.”  This statement about seeing the animal and the animal confronting our gaze of them has continued to lead Ally’s artistic investigation.  

    For more information, visit

  • 29 Apr 2020 10:08 PM | Anonymous

    An exhibition not to be missed! To celebrate it's 65th year of continuous support for the artists of Montgomery County the M AA  will hold an online exhibition from June 1 to June 30, 2020. Normally held at the Friendship Heights Village Center this show is popular with MAA members and is held annually.

    This show is always an array of interesting artwork from abstract to realism.  One entry per person. Your entry  will be submitted into one of  five categories - Landscape, Portrait (either people or animals),  Still life, Abstract or Miniatures. Awards will be given in each category for first, second and third places.

    The 2020 judge will be Lee Newman (shown), one of the founders of the Washington Studio School in DC. Newman is an established artist in our region who has artwork in the National Gallery of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is a committed art educator as well as an award winning painter and printmaker.

    Entries can be submitted from May 10 until May 19. There is a $5 entry fee.

    Be part of the action and submit your art to the Creative Expressions show 2020! See more details, including the show prospectus. on our Event page.

    -Jan Rowland, show co-manager
  • 21 Apr 2020 7:32 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    On April 14, we shared a blog that highlighted a fun creative project when our members painted a photograph provided by Dora Patin. Today, we are sharing artworks inspired by Pritha Srinivasan's photo. Keep on following along as we have other fun project in the future! 

    Our Inspiration: Photograph Provided by Pritha Srinivasan

    Our Interpretations: Artworks Created by MAA Members

    Alan Rich, Acrylic on Canvas (Palette Knife Only), 11" x 14"

    Dora Patin, Oil on Canvas, 8" x 10"

    Ellen Yehuda, Pastel on Paper, 6" x 9" 

    Jenny Wilson, Oil Crayon, Charcoal Pencil, Acrylic Paint on Board, 8" x 10"

    Maria-Elena Lazarte, Oil on Canvas, 8" x 10" 

    Pritha Srinivasan, Watercolor, 4" x 6"

    Nina Srinivasan, Watercolor, 4" x 6"

    Tena Turner, Colored Pencils, 9" x 8"

  • 18 Apr 2020 8:56 AM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    On April 15, Montgomery Art Association held an artwork critique with artist Susan Abbott over Zoom. Many of our members participated and engaged in a lively conversation over ideas and techniques. We are pleased to share an email communication from MAA member Lily Kak to Susan Abbott. Thank you, Lily, for sharing your insights. We are planning on scheduling other critiques in the future. Stay tuned and stay safe.

    Hi Susan,

    I took a look at the video of the critique - thanks for sharing your thoughts on my painting, which I call "One World: Overcoming Alone, Together." In this 15" x 22" painting, I wanted to contrast angry and sad moods going from the top left diagonally down to the bottom right (red and blue) with hope and triumph on the top right (yellow, orange, rainbow). The purpose was to show angry red virus, which gradually turns lighter around the triumphant child in a rainbow dress who unshackles herself from her rainbow mask unlike the rest of the world where everyone is masked. Every one below her is sad: the masked people, the news reader, the health workers, the man in front of the stock market. The hand washing on the top left washes into the blue below it. I had so much to say in this painting that, as you noted, it is busy with a lot going on! In fact, I had even more to say and had to restrain myself from adding even more thoughts in this painting. I plan to focus only on pandemic paintings this year and hope to make them all uplifting (which will be a challenge).

    I thought your comments were very helpful. Thanks for your expert critique.

    Lily Kak 

    Lily Kak, "One World: Overcoming Alone, Together"

    Disclaimer: Copy of email and artwork published with written permission by Lily Kak.

  • 14 Apr 2020 8:08 AM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    There is no shortage of creative ideas among our members. Dora Patin suggested to use a photograph as a source of inspiration and encouraged us to create artworks in our preferred mediums. A quick post on our MAA Member Facebook page turned into a fun project for many. One idea, different interpretations. This activity celebrated the diversity of our members' work. Want to participate? Check out the MAA Member Facebook page for ongoing conversations and activities about anything and everything art. Scroll below to see submitted artworks and the variety of mediums used. 

    Our Inspiration: Photograph Provided by Dora Patin

    Our Interpretations: Artworks Created by MAA Members

    Carol Starr, Watercolor on Yupo

    Alan Rich, Acrylics

    Anastasia Walsh, Mosaic

    Dora Patin, Oil on Canvas

    Tena Turner, Colored Pencils

    Ellen Yahuda, Pastel on Paper

    Anastasia Walsh, Alcohol Inks

    Roxana Rojas Luzon, Collage

    Marti Wells, Watercolor

  • 30 Mar 2020 5:51 PM | Anonymous
    Glenview Mansion is currently closed, and all artwork is still on the walls and secure. As a today, our “Colorful Explorations” show is scheduled to run until May 8, with artwork pickup scheduled for May 11. Please delete the March 30 pickup date from your calendars. If you need to pick up your artwork sooner, please email Elissa Poma to make arrangements.

    Oasis Gallery Show is closed until further notice. Participants' artwork is still on the walls and secure. As of today, pick up is still scheduled for April 13-14. Contact: Helen Wood

    Danielle Glosser’s workshop, “The SMART Artist: A Strategic Planning Workshop” on April 4 has been cancelled. Registrants will receive a refund, and we will work to reschedule the workshop for a date later in the year. Contact: Anastasia Walsh

    The April 8 members' meeting is cancelled. Contact: Alan Rich

    The Kensington Day of the Book Festival on April 26 has been cancelled, so there is no need for an MAA booth.

    Our scheduled show at Art Enables in DC starting in May is likely to be postponed until late summer. We're discussing rescheduling for July or August.

    As of today, there are no updates about our May show at Kensington Library.
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