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  • 30 Aug 2019 3:44 PM | Anonymous

    By Glen Kessler
    Judge, Paint the Town Labor Day Show

    This show, the nearest and dearest to my heart of all local exhibitions, one in which I have participated in some capacity for over 25 years—three times as the Bertha Clum award winner, twice as Invitational category winner, and twice now as its juror—is the strongest I have seen yet! It was my supreme honor and tremendous challenge to jury prizes for this show. In the end, it was quality of craftsmanship and uniqueness of idea that led my decision making process.

    I believe you will see across the prize winners a professional caliber of artistry both in technique and concept that speaks to the outstanding talent and work ethic of our local community of artists. And there were many artists' work that I truly loved, but which just missed out on prize recognition. To all of you artists, I see your effort, I see your bravery.

    I want to thank the members of Montgomery Art Association who gave their time and effort organizing and executing what is without a doubt one of, if not THE, top annual exhibitions in our area, one that I and so many others in this thriving artistic community look forward to. Thank you to the town of Kensington as well for their steadfast support of the arts and this showcase.

    Congratulations and kudos to all on this celebration of art!

  • 28 Aug 2019 9:40 PM | Anonymous

    By Judith Levine

    Irina Koren came to us recently, joining MAA in April of 2019 as a result of friendships with many MAA artists. But she comes to the US from a much greater time and distance. 

    Born in 1969 in Moscow, she and her brother were raised there. In 1989 she attended an art college that was a continuation of her high school and then taught art for a year. In 1991 her family fulfilled a lifelong dream to move to the US. As ethnic Jews they had always faced prejudice and it was finally their turn to leave.

    They made the trip straight to Maryland-no stop in New York City-and ended up in Gaithersburg where she still lives. Koren laughingly told me of the shock of expecting to see something like NYC as that was the only image that she and most Russians have of the US, and finding herself in what was then still very rural Gaithersburg.

    Though it would grow rapidly in the next few years, there were still working farms in the area. They had no car yet but did finally start to make treks into DC with friends who did own one. (They were unaware of the Metro stop.)

    After taking English classes and learning a lot more about the US and American culture, Koren began classes at Baltimore’s Maryland Institute of Art in 1992 and earned her BFA in 1994. She expected that it would take longer but in a surprise move, the school accepted her Russian credits. In the meantime she married in 1995, had her daughter in 1996, and became a single parent two years later. Armed now with her new degree in Visual Communications, the artist would then begin a career that a friend suggested.

    She became a noted muralist. Her work can be seen in area restaurants, entertainment centers and parks such as North Virginia Park Authority, Shadowland Laser Adventures, Urban Winery and in many private homes. Koren was featured in magazines and newspapers including the Jerusalem Times. The same friend later suggested she add faux finishing to her roster and Koren expanded her base as she began to do faux wall finishing and furniture to what she could offer her clients.

    But her primary love of the fine arts was never out of her heart and mind even as she had the need to earn a living. She continued to paint when she could. 

    By 2017, her daughter grown, Koren felt it was time to seek out a new community in the visual arts. She craved the presence of other artists and a chance to move full time into painting for herself. After attending an Artomatic event in 2017, she began to do just that. She met fellow and soon-to-be-friend artists such as Anastasia Walsh, Amanda Spaid, Jamie Downs, Sandra Perez-Ramos, Roxana Rojas Luzon and many others.  Koren began to use unusual objects in her painting including sequins and guitar picks, and she also started her unique hubcap series.

    “Two years ago, we were going into DC, I saw hubcaps in the road .. .[and I retrieved them and] just started to paint them. They were there and it “... was the right place in the right time!  And there are LOTS of hubcaps in the world!!” she grinned. 

    Asked about artists she loves and who might have influenced her, she replied instantly, “ Van Gogh! His passion! His colors! His expression!”  And Chagall is in that group, also because of his use of brilliant colors and maybe a bit too because of the connection to Jewish ideas and celebrations. She is drawn to the contemporary work of experimental painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer. Each of them possesses the two major qualities Koren seeks in her own creations: movement and rich colour. She described the way she works. 

    “I listen to music while I paint. I don’t start out a work knowing what it is going to be.” Yes, she has a subject such as a dancer that has been chosen, but not a vision of what she wants her finished work to look like. She does not do preliminary sketches or paintings.

    “I just start with color and movement and see what will happen.”

    Her philosophy for her artwork is to be willing to experiment, to grow as an artist and above all, be passionate. And she said this would be what she would tell any young or just beginning artist. “Just be passionate, everything else will come.”

    What and where does she envision her future? “That’s a good question.” she replied. She wants to do more things with other artists, having more collaboration on creating and doing shows together too. Koren is currently finishing a show at Ranazul Restaurant in Fulton

    And she was a prize-winning entrant at MAA's 2019 Creative Expressions show. She has traveled extensively and doesn’t plan to stop exploring the world.

    As to remaining here, she will do so unless her daughter relocates and then, well, who knows. Thank you very much to Irina Koren for sharing her story, her vision of her art, her philosophy and her vibrant personality with us.

  • 26 Aug 2019 1:51 PM | Anonymous

    By Judith Levine

    On a warm, sunny day earlier this month, eight MAA members and guests took a trip to the lovely city of Baltimore to visit the historic Baltimore Museum of Art.

    The museum was founded in 1914 and its initial collection consisted of what is now called the Cone Collection. The Cone Collection includes the largest collection of Matisse works in the world and an enviable collection as well of masterpieces by Picasso, Cézanne, and Van Gogh.

    About the Collectors

    Our guide informed us that the Cone sisters were close but opposites in personality. Miss Etta was the quiet, self-educated, introvert while Dr. Claribel was very social, chose to acquire a Ph.D. and was very fashionable.  One thing they shared was a love of art.  

    “Starting in 1901, first Miss Etta and then Dr. Claribel made long trips to Europe ... they rendezvoused [sic] with a friend from their Baltimore crowd, Gertrude Stein [and] her brother, Leo," Edward Cone wrote in Forbes Magazine in 1999.

    The Steins introduced the Cone sisters to an impoverished young artist, Pablo Picasso. "He loved the Sunday comics the sisters brought him from the Baltimore newspaper, and sold them drawings for next to nothing," Edward Cone wrote.

    The sisters also became long-time friends with Henri Matisse, whose works are often considered the hallmark of the Cone Collection.

    Touring the Museum

    When visitors enter through the lower level entrance, the first art work they see will be the Antioch Mosaics. This is a small group of large ancient Greek stone mosaics that truly impress.

    Moments after seeing this you almost bump into one of the world’s most famous sculptures, Rodin’s The Thinker. The piece is huge, at about 186 cm high, (a little over 6 feet high), much larger than many would expect. It was intended to be part of a doorway surround called The Gates of Hell but the rest of the commission was never completed. In real life you experience the heaviness, the moody and brooding sensation one never gets from small copies.

    We continued on, our eyes delighted by one masterpiece after another. Some of the gallery’s African sculpture collection was on view.

    We were delighted to see that the small but varied collection is stunning. We only got to see the original building because the renovations to the new wing are still continuing.  Like DC’s Corcoran Gallery, this too was built specifically as a gallery and famed architect John Russell Pope (1874–1937) designed its graceful and airy building. 

    The tiny tempting glimpses we were able to get into the new wing have convinced us that another trip will be on the schedule once that work is complete. The museum was easy to find and, at least during the week, there is ample parking and easy accessibility for those who are mobility impaired. 

    We loved the docent, the building, and the collection. Most definitely, the Baltimore Museum of Art should be on everyone’s have to go-see list.

  • 12 Aug 2019 4:18 PM | Anonymous
    Our Paint the Town Labor Day Show not only provides an opportunity to see hundreds of original artworks by nearly 140 members of the Montgomery Art Association, but you can also watch some of our artists make art live. This year’s show includes seven such demonstrations, which are open to the public and free.

    The demos will take place inside the history Kensington Armory (aka Kensington Town Hall) at 3710 Mitchell Street. Can’t join in person? We hope to broadcast demos live on our Facebook page. Watch live, or see the recordings later

    Saturday, August 31

    Lis Zadravec
    Colored Pencils

    12-1 pm

    An award-winning artist and instructor, Lis will demonstrate how she uses colored pencils to their maximum potential by creating a pet portrait inspired by a John Singer Sargent painting. 

    Originally from Chevy Chase, MD and educated at the Corcoran School of Art in DC, Lis demonstrates an uncanny ability as master of her medium, colored pencils. She believes there is nothing that this pigment, in its precise, pointed stick, can’t do or that oil paint could do better. She approaches her work like a painter; Not striving for photo-realism, she loves to see the artist’s hand in work.

    "I want to in
    spire," she says, "not with just what a media can do, but what a person can do. After all, a well-trained artist is a person who can do anything." Her work has been published in numerous books and magazines, and Lis is the winner of countless awards in DC-area and national art shows, earning signature status in the Colored Pencil Society of America and Colored Pencil Community of Australasia, Inc.

    RSVP via Facebook to Lis' demo

    Barrie Ripin
    Terracotta (Fired Clay) Sculpture
    2-3 pm

    Barrie will give a tutorial on a playful path to try out clay sculpture using a minimum amount of equipment and experience. There will be a demo and examples of sculptures are various stages of completion.

    Barrie initially came to clay sculpture years ago to get a better grasp of artistic anatomy for figurative and portrait drawings and paintings. It did that, but clay sculpture became addictive in its own right. He enjoys exploring new subjects and techniques and his award-winning works have been exhibited in many venues in the area. Barrie is a past president of MAA, exhibit curator of the Connie Morella Library in Bethesda, studio artist at the Glen Echo Sculpture studio/yurt, and a number of other venues.

    RSVP via Facebook to Barrie's demo

    Stefanie Stark
    Abstract Floral Painting

    4-5 pm

    Learn how painter Stefanie Stark of Bethesda creates abstract floral paintings, incorporating a signature drip technique and oil pastel marks into her art. Purposeful drips elevate Stefanie’s work beyond typical floral paintings and add dimension as well as emotion. “Something about the flow of each drip feels right and even necessary to me,” she says. “Each drip is like a release of feelings, similar to a tear, whether of joy or sorrow. Both stream down, forging a unique yet anticipated path."

    Stefanie is known for her abstract floral paintings as well as intuitive abstracts, and she also dabbles in collage. She takes inspiration from nature and in particular, the beauty and fragility of flowers. Stefanie grew up in Washington, and her work has been exhibited throughout the region. Her paintings have earned awards and are part of private collections in the United States and abroad. 

    RSVP via Facebook to Stefanie's demo

    Sunday, September 1

    Antonia Tiu
    Pen & Ink Cityscapes

    2-3 pm

    Yes, you can draw with confidence! Toni will demonstrate how to be bold in your drawing by using pen/ink in a loose sketch style, with a photo as a reference. What is drawn is what it is—no erasing possible! She’ll then finish the drawing with watercolor washes, to add bursts of color.

    Now retired, Toni received her architectural degree and license in The Philippines and came to the US to work for a corporate firm. Her childhood memories revolved around drawing and sketching. “I remember sketching on the dirt with a twig during play time and drawing on blank pages of my elementary books in school,” she says. “My pleasure from my drawings was worth the trouble I got into for messing up my books.” Today, Toni spends her time creating art with pen/ink, charcoal, oil and watercolor. Her subjects of interest are still life, cityscapes and landscapes.

    RSVP via Facebook to Antonia's demo

    Jing-Jy Chen
    Chinese Watercolor Painting

    4-5 pm

    Using a bamboo brush, ink and watercolor, Jing-Jy will show how she paints her favorite subjects: flora and birds. She will demonstrate the three basic techniques of Chinese watercolor painting: outline style (detail), spontaneous style (free & bold), and half outline/half spontaneous.

    In Chinese watercolor painting, it is very important not to mix the color beforehand. The brush is dipped into the color separately to double or triple load colors. The color will blend themselves on the paper as the brush stroke is applied.

    Jing-Jy was born in Taiwan.  She came to the United State in 1967 to attend graduate school at the University of Rochester in New York. She is a long-time Howard County resident, has been an artist in the Artist-in-Residency program and has taught at many schools in Maryland. Currently, she teaches at her home studio in Laurel. Her paintings are exhibited at Artists' Gallery in Ellicott City and Delaplaine Art Gallery in Frederick.

    RSVP via Facebook to Jing-Jy's demo

    Monday, September 2

    Elizabeth Elgin
    Glazing Acrylics over Grisaille

    11 am-12 pm

    Elizabeth will demonstrate glazing color over a black and white grisaille (underpainting) using acrylics. This is a method often taught in classical ateliers when painting in oils, but the method is also very useful with acrylics as they dry so quickly. It allows light to bounce between layers, versus painting opaquely.

    Elizabeth often says she's a member of the "It's Never Too Late" club, not getting serious about her art studies until her sixties. She started with acrylics, then learned oils, and is now exploring watercolor and gouache. She has been juried into membership of the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society, Oil Painters of America, and the International Guild of Realism.  

    RSVP via Facebook to Elizabeth's demo

    Alan Rich
    Acrylic pour painting

    1-2 pm

    Alan is a master of a unique art technique:  fluid acrylic pour. Using hardwood panels and Plexiglas, he manipulates the color into organic flows and allows the paint to choose its own path. “The flow of color brings happiness to your mind and soul...calling it fluid acrylic happiness.” For added texture, he first applies a clear granular gel to the board, and once dry, applies color.  Alan says. “No matter how the paintings are viewed, there will always be a different story it tells.”

    Alan’s day job is running a business that custom prints labels, so ink and color is an all day, everyday theme. The use of water-based industrial pigment to create his own colors within an acrylic vehicle gives Alan the freedom to experiment and allows the art to speak the viewer.

    RSVP via Facebook to Alan's demo

  • 11 Aug 2019 12:10 AM | Anonymous

    The Montgomery Art Association and AMP by Strathmore are teaming up to host our second Sketch Night at the North Bethesda music venue. Join us for a live performance by Michela's Love Movement, socialize with fellow artists and sketch the show.

    About Michela’s Love Movement: This is not your ordinary band. The ensemble, led by tap dancing phenom Michela Marino Lerman, is a hybrid of the highest levels of musicianship and hoofing. An extraordinary percussionist and dancer all in one, Lerman’s feet are a blur of brilliance, tapping on electronic boards and wooden stages to accentuate the group’s uplifting repertoire. Dancing to original music, spirituals and jazz, Love Movement is a journey through the levels of love that will leave you feeling moved and empowered. Here's a sneak peek.

    Cost: AMP by Strathmore is generously offering MAA members, local artists and their guests reduced-priced, $18 tickets ($10 off the regular price for our seats).

    Buying tickets:
    Buy tickets here. Click the button below, then click the red "Buy” button. On the popup screen, enter promo code MAA10 and click on the words “apply code.” Then choose "Table Seating" and complete your purchase at the reduced rate. 

    What to bring: Sketching materials (such as small sketchbooks, pencils/pens, travel-sized watercolor kit). Keep your materials simple--there isn't a lot of space to spread out.

    What to expect: The venue opens at 6:30 pm and the show begins at 8 pm. We suggest arriving early. Upon arrival, tell the host you're with MAA. We'll sit together at tables lit by tealights. MAA will provide a few shared appetizers. The venue has a full bar where you can purchase cocktails, beer, wine, soda, etc. You're welcomed to sketch or just enjoy the show.

    Address/parking: AMP by Strathmore is at 11810 Grand Park Ave. in North Bethesda. Parking info
    About AMP by Strathmore: AMP by Strathmore is an intimate music venue in the Pike & Rose shopping area in North Besthesda. It is run by the Strathmore arts center, and profits support Strathmore’s mission to present and produce exemplary arts programs for diverse audiences, create dynamic arts education experiences, and nurture creative ideas and conversations that advance the future of the arts.
  • 1 Aug 2019 6:28 PM | Anonymous

    Now available: The August 2019 edition of our monthly newsletter. Click here to read it.

  • 30 Jul 2019 3:16 PM | Anonymous

    By Judith Levine

    This column is designed to provide you with art news and information about interesting shows at local art galleries and museums. If you are aware of an event, news or an exhibit 3 week or longer, large or small, that you think would be of interest, please email Judith Levine.



     The Phillips Collection

    1600 21st St. NW, Washington, DC; 202-387-2151; $12 -adults, $10 students and those 62 and over, free for members and visitors 18 and under; closed Mondays

    ·  The Warmth of Other Suns: Stories of Global Displacement, June 22-September 22

    ·  Intersections: Ranjani Shettar- Earth Songs for a Night Sky, through August 25


    The National Gallery of Art

    4th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC; 202-737-4215

        In the Library: Pageantry and Pyrotechnics in the European Fete Book, through Sept 26

        The Life of Animals in Japanese Art (East Wing), though August 18

        Oliver Lee Jackson: Recent Paintings (East Wing), through September 15

        By the Light of the Silvery Moon: A Century of Lunar Photographs (West Wing) through January 5, 2020

        The American Pre-Raphaelites: Radical Realists (West Wing), through July 21

    Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

    Independence Avenue and Seventh Street SW, Washington, DC; 202-633-1000

    ·         Robert Jan van Pelt: The Evidence Room, through September 8

    ·         Manifesto: Art x Agency, through January 5

    ·         Enrico David: Gradations of Slow Release; through September 2

     ·         Rirkrit Tiravanija: Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Green, through July 24

    ·         What Absence Is Made Of, through March 2020

    The Sackler & Freer Galleries

    1050 Independence Ave. SW, Washington, DC; 202-633-1000

    ·         For Love of Place: Japanese Screens (Freer), through November 11

    ·         Japan Modern: Prints in the Age of Photography (Sackler)

    ·         A Glimpse of Ancient Yemen (Sackler) - ongoing

    ·         The Way of the Kami (Freer), through November 11

    ·         Painting the Classics: Presence and Absence, November 11

    National Museum of the American Indian

    Fourth Street & Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC; 202-633-1000

    ·         Section 14: The Other Palm Spring, California

    ·         Americans, though 2022

    ·         Our Universes: Traditional Knowledge Shapes Our World, though late 2021


    National Museum of African Art

    950 Independence Ave. SW, Washington, DC; 202-633-1000

    ·         Good As Gold: Fashioning Senegalese Women, through Sept 29

    ·         Striking Iron: The Art of African Blacksmiths August 1 - ongoing


    National Museum of African American History and Culture

    1400 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC; 202-633-4751


    Renwick Gallery

    1661 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC; 202-633-7970

    ·         Best, through January 5, 2020

    ·         Michael Sherrill Retrospective, through January 5, 2020

    National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian American Art Museum

    8th and F streets NW, Washington, DC; 202-633-1000

    ·         75th anniversary of D-Day - ongoing

    ·         Artists Respond: American Art and the Vietnam War, 1965–1975 (SAAM), through August 18

    ·         David Levinthal: American Myths & Memory, through October 14

    ·         Tiffany Chung: Vietnam, Past is Prologue (SAAM), through September 2

    ·         Women of Progress: Early Camera Portraits (NPG) through May 30, 2020

    ·         Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence (NPG), through January 5, 2020

    ·         Yun Suknam: Portraits of the World: Korea (NPG), through November 17

    ·         Recent Acquisitions (NPG), through November 3

    ·         One Life: Marian Anderson, (NPG), through May 17, 2020

     National Museum of Women in the Arts

    1250 New York Ave. NW, Washington, DC; 202-783-5000

    ·         New York Avenue Sculpture Project: Betsabeé Romero, through September 2020

    Other Shows & Galleries


    Walters Art Museum

    600 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD; Wednesday–Sunday, 10 am-5 pm; annex: 1 West Mount Vernon Pl, Baltimore, MD; 410-547-9000

    ·         The 14th Annual Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize Finalists Exhibition, through August 11

    ·         Ceramics: Materials and Techniques - ongoing

    ·         Paintings for a Venetian Wedding: Dario di Giovanni -installation, ongoing

    ·         Transformation: Art of the Americas, through October 6

    ·          (Annex) - no show

    The Baltimore Museum of Art

    10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore MD; 443-573-1700

        ·         Subverting Beauty: African Anti-Aesthetics, through November 17

        ·         Oletha DeVane: Traces of the Spirit, through October 20

        ·         Hitching Their Dreams to Untamed Stars: Joyce J. Scott & Elizabeth Talford Scott, through December 1

        ·         Expressions of Nature: Early 20th-Century Landscapes, through September 22

        ·         PDPS 50th Anniversary, through October 6


    Goldman Art Gallery, Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington

    6125 Montrose Rd., Rockville, MD; Sunday 1-5 pm; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 4-7:30 pm; 301-881-0100

    No show this month

    Blackrock Center for the Arts

    12901 Town Commons Dr., Germantown, MD; 301-528-2260

        ·         Frank Cole: Rebuilding the Sky

        ·         Craig Moran: Spaced Out

        ·         Michelle Dickson: Neither Mine Nor Yours, through September 14.

        All Receptions: August 3, 2-4 pm

    Art at Penn Place Gallery

    4600 Waverly Ave, Garrett, Park, MD; 240-669-8549

        ·         Ann Gordon, July 22 through August 17

        ·         Vicky Surles, August 19 through Sept 14, Reception: July 27, 3-5 pm

    Artists and Makers 1 & 2

    Gallery 1: 11810 Parklawn Dr., Rockville, MD; Gallery 2 & Gallery 209: 12276, Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD. 240-437-9573

    ·         A&M 1 Seasonal Visions/ Montgomery Art Association

    ·         A&M 2 Verses and Artist’s Choice: Montgomery County Camera Club of Maryland

    ·         Gallery 209: August Show

    All shows through August 31; Receptions: August 2, 6-9 pm

    TAG of Frederick

    216 North Market St., Frederick, MD; 301-696-8187; Friday-Saturday, noon–8 pm, Sunday noon–5 pm, and by appointment

    ·          Le Salon Show, through August 30.  Reception: August 3, 5-9 pm

    VisArts at Rockville

    155 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD; 301-315-8200

    ·         NONUMENT 01: McKeldin Fountain, (Concourse Gallery) through Oct 20

    ·          Jonathan Monaghan: A Trace Left by the Future, (Gibbs Street Gallery), through August 11

    ·         Natasa Galecic: Wherever I go I take my clutter with me (Common Ground Gallery), through August 11

    ·         Cy Keener and Justine Holzman: Sea Ice 71.348778º N, 156.690918º W

         (355 POD), through September 22

    Gallery Underground

    2001 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA; 571-483-0652; Monday–Friday 10 am-6 pm, Saturday 10 am-2 pm

        ·         Fire. Earth.  Water.  Air. (Focus Gallery), through August 30

        ·         Anya Getter, (Main Gallery), through August 30

    Kentlands Mansion Gallery

    320 Kent Square Rd., Gaithersburg, MD; Monday–Friday, by appointment; 301-258-6425

    ·         New Perspectives - The Maryland Pastel Society, through September 9

    MAA’s Frankie Lydon is in this show.

    Bohrer Park Gallery/Activities Center

    506 South Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, MD, 301-258-6394; Monday–Saturday 8 am-8 pm, Sunday 8 am-5 pm

    ·         Big, Bold & Beautiful, through September 2. MAA’s own Irina Koren is in this show.

    Brookside Gardens Visitors Center

    1800 Glenallan Ave., Silver Spring, MD; ; 301-962-1400; daily 9 am-5 pm, closed holidays

    ·         Montgomery Art Association, July 20 through August 18

    ·         Washington Metropolitan Arts Society, through September 16

  • 25 Jul 2019 4:41 PM | Anonymous

    Do you want to share your talents at the Paint the Town Labor Day Show next month? Perhaps you have a special technique that would be fascinating for show goers to see, or you'd like to get practice doing a live demo.

    Instead of bringing in outside artists for our Paint the Town demos, this we are turning to our large and talented membership for the show's demonstrations. And we have added more demo time slots throughout the three-day show--eight spots in total.

    One-hour demos are scheduled for

    • Saturday, August 31 -- 12-1 pm, 2-3 pm and 4-5 pm
    • Sunday, September 1 -- 12-1 pm, 2-3 pm and 4-5 pm
    • Monday, September 2 -- 11 am-noon and 1-2 pm

    How to Apply

    Reply to this email with the following info by August 1:

    • Name
    • Medium
    • A short description of what you plan to demonstrate (i.e. plein air, a still life, painting from a photo, a specific technique) 
    • 1-2 photos of your artwork work

    Additional Details

    • This opportunity is open to MAA members only. You do not have to be a participant in this year's Paint the Town art show, but you must renew your membership for 2019-20.
    • To ensure a variety of media, subjects and techniques in our program, we won't be able to select everyone who applies.

    • We will notify those who have been selected by August 10.

    • It will be up to you to decide whether you sell your demo piece at the show. In past year's many of the demo pieces have sold on the spot.



  • 25 Jul 2019 12:25 AM | Anonymous

    The following artists are participating in MAA's first show at Artist & Makers Studios. The show runs July 30-August 28 at the gallery at 11810 Parklawn Avenue in Rockville.

    Laura Aikman
    Violeta Barcenas
    Jennifer Beaudet
    Roy Comiskey
    Mari Craig
    Shirley Crawley
    Jamie Downs
    Elizabeth Elgin
    Iris Grundler
    Trisha Gupta
    Carrie Horton
    Jonathan Jaeger
    Lily Kak
    Perry Kapsch
    Cecile Kirkpatrick
    James Klumpner
    Richard Lawless
    Max Leason
    Robert LeMar
    Judith Levine
    Maiya M Lonesome
    Paola Luther
    Frankie Lydon
    Heather Lynn
    Gordon Lyon
    John MacArthur
    Gillian McCaney
    Karen Merkin
    Debbie Miller
    Gloria Miotto
    Miguel Mitchell
    Mary Morris
    Guy Munsch
    Gail Neal
    Sandra Perez-Ramos
    Sarah Renzi Sanders
    Alan Rich
    Roxana Rojas
    Ann Rossilli
    Maria-Elena Sayan
    Ann Schaefer
    Alden Schofield
    Martina Sestakova
    David Sommers
    Elizabeth Stecher
    Jeanne Sullivan
    Vicky Surles
    Elaine Burch Taylor
    Patricia Tice
    Anastasia Walsh
    Kathy Wilson
    Jenny Wilson
    Lis Zadravec
    Michelle Zugrav

  • 21 Jul 2019 11:04 AM | Anonymous

    Forty-three MAA members are displaying nature-themed works at our annual summer exhibition at the Brookside Gardens Visitors Center in Wheaton. The Nature of Art runs through August 18. All of the work, plus a selection of prints, are available for purchase.

    The participating artists:

    • Laura Aikman
    • Jennifer Beaudet
    • Blandine Broomfield
    • Sandy Cepaitis
    • Shirley Crawley
    • Jennifer Eidson
    • Elizabeth Elgin
    • Gloria Tseng Fischer
    • Susan Sinclair Galego
    • Carrie Horton
    • Jennifer Howard
    • Lily Kak
    • Perry Kapsch
    • Cecile Kirkpatrick
    • Paola Luther
    • Frankie Lydon
    • Heather Lynn
    • John MacArthur
    • Barbara Mandel
    • Debbie Miller
    • Simin Parvaz
    • Dora Patin
    • Terry Pellmar
    • Sandra Perez-Ramos
    • Albert Perry
    • Elissa Poma
    • Jeanne Powell
    • Roxana Rojas
    • Ayda Sanver
    • Maria Elena Sayan
    • Ann Schaefer
    • Ruja Shemer
    • Diane Shipley
    • Pritha Srinivasan
    • Stefanie Stark
    • Elizabeth Stecher
    • Elizabeth Steel
    • Nar Steel
    • Kathy Tynan
    • Anastasia Walsh
    • Jenny Wilson
    • Helen Wood
    • Lis Zadravec

    Thank you to Maria Elena Sayan and Carrie Horton for serving as show managers.

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