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One Idea, Many Interpretations: A Moment of Pause

19 Nov 2020 12:27 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

By Martina Sestakova

Members of Montgomery Art Association come from all walks of life and their artworks and creative processes reflect this wonderful variety. In this blog, we invite you to enjoy a selection of pieces that ponder a moment of PAUSE in art. Enjoy this lovely variety of ideas! 

Rosemary Behizadeh Yue: What's better than a moody day at the beach? Just cozy up and watch the waves crash...  Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20" 

Anastasia Walsh: My submission, no title yet for this painting. A Maine sailor with his gin and tonic at the end of a day... Alcohol Ink on Glass

Carrie Horton: I love this new art technique: painting, cutting, piercing, quilting... Nature's Edge, Acrylic Canvas Quilt, 17.5x11.5"

Judith LevineI don't remember what they were rehearsing, only that these two dancers had taken a few moments to rest by one of the huge oval windows in one of the ballet rehearsal halls of the Paris Opera. (And these are practice tutus... Rehearsal at the Paris Opera Ballet, Conte on Paper, 9x12"

Deb WalmerI took a solo hiking trip last year. I found solace in the woods alone. I had no internet, tv, or phone signal. I painted and hiked. I fell back in love with myself... A Cabin in the Woods is Where I Found Me, Oil on Canvas, 24x30"

Martina Sestakova: Words in a Mary Oliver poem inspired the title of this watercolor. This painting focuses on the now, on wherever you may be in this moment. On the inside of you and in the outside world. I often breathe in and out and let myself feel my body scanning for messages it may have for me. Indeed, what's my 'here" often comes out of a moment of quiet... Here You May Find Me, Watercolor on Yupo, 8" x 10"

Jenny Wilson: One version of the view from our river cabin... Acrylic on Canvas, 30x48"

Alan Rich: This is an inktober submission... Dune, Pen, Ink, and Colored Pencil, 5.5x3.5"

Heather Pattee Medrano: A pelican hitches a ride on a wave to take a break from fishing for his meal... Pelican Drift, Mixed Media on Wood, 15x12"

Angela White: Inspired by a visit to Bolinas Bay, California... Contentment, Oil on Canvas, 10x20"

Dora Patin: Enjoy the little things in life and stop to smell the flowers... Train Station, Oil on Board, 18x27"

Vicky Surles: When the early snow paused the daffodil blooms... Tulip Leaves in the Snow, Color Pencil, 9x12" 

Ingrid Lohr Matuszewski: A peaceful place to rest... If You Choose to Go This Way Where You Will Find Yourself, Oil on Canvas, 18x24" 

Pritha Srinivasan: This painting honors taking a moment to reflect, pause, and breathe... In the Moment, Watercolor, 16x12"

Marti Wells: Kormos' Siesta, Watercolor, 5x7"

Elissa Leibowitz Poma: At a bustling market in Bangkok, two young monks pause to take everything in... Two Monks at the Market, Watercolor and Ink on Paper, 5x7" 

Alexandra Treadaway: I collected butterflies from childhood to young adult, contributing to my Father's collection of museum quality of 750,000 - kept in the big room, of course! I enjoy painting them... Swallowtail's Pleasure, Watercolor, 22x11" 

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the artworks of our members! Be sure to check out our other blogs as we celebrate the unique artworks of local Montgomery County artists. 

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