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Art Critique with Susan Abbott: Lily Kak's Observations

18 Apr 2020 8:56 AM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

By Martina Sestakova

On April 15, Montgomery Art Association held an artwork critique with artist Susan Abbott over Zoom. Many of our members participated and engaged in a lively conversation over ideas and techniques. We are pleased to share an email communication from MAA member Lily Kak to Susan Abbott. Thank you, Lily, for sharing your insights. We are planning on scheduling other critiques in the future. Stay tuned and stay safe.

Hi Susan,

I took a look at the video of the critique - thanks for sharing your thoughts on my painting, which I call "One World: Overcoming Alone, Together." In this 15" x 22" painting, I wanted to contrast angry and sad moods going from the top left diagonally down to the bottom right (red and blue) with hope and triumph on the top right (yellow, orange, rainbow). The purpose was to show angry red virus, which gradually turns lighter around the triumphant child in a rainbow dress who unshackles herself from her rainbow mask unlike the rest of the world where everyone is masked. Every one below her is sad: the masked people, the news reader, the health workers, the man in front of the stock market. The hand washing on the top left washes into the blue below it. I had so much to say in this painting that, as you noted, it is busy with a lot going on! In fact, I had even more to say and had to restrain myself from adding even more thoughts in this painting. I plan to focus only on pandemic paintings this year and hope to make them all uplifting (which will be a challenge).

I thought your comments were very helpful. Thanks for your expert critique.

Lily Kak 

Lily Kak, "One World: Overcoming Alone, Together"

Disclaimer: Copy of email and artwork published with written permission by Lily Kak.

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