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Judge's Statement: 2019 Creative Expressions Show

2 Jun 2019 7:30 PM | Anonymous

By Gaby Mizes
Judge, 2019 Creative Expressions Show

It’s important to make art that will have an impact or power over the viewer. One needs that connection but, of course, it can be subjective. What I might like or feel emotional about could be very different for someone else.

When I examine works of art, I look for originality, creativity, composition, technique, color and meaning. How does the artist use all these qualities? Some of the pieces in this show were quite original and creative, especially those with applications of ready-made materials. Some of the abstract and landscape pieces had texture that was different in a good way.

Also important to me is the initial reaction. Sometimes you need time to like an artwork, like you would with an opera or a musical. In other instances, you need to hear the explanation of the work from the artist. In my case, I tend to listen to my first instinct and reaction. You are either captivated by a work of art or you are not. I try to look for something different from all the other art I have seen.

Art must touch the mind, the soul, and the heart. Feel the muse inside you, get inspired, and don’t stop working!

Thank you, MAA members, for the opportunity to see your work!

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