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New Member Spotlight - Danielle Bensky

24 Dec 2021 7:35 AM | Kathleen Tynan (Administrator)

Lives in:  Chevy Chase, DC, however I grew up in Paris, France.

Social Media:    

Media and Subjects:  Acrylic on canvass, paintings often combining human figures and nature in a style I call Narrative Symbolism.

Why you joined MAA:  I joined MAA to participate in activities with fellow artists in the area.

Something fun about you:  I cannot work well unless I have my daily walk in Chevy Chase neighborhood where I love to see confetti on my iPhone when I do 10,000 steps.

Artist's Biography:  Danielle Bensky is a mature visual artist living in Washington, DC, but spending time annually in France and Mexico.  She was trained in both painting and sculpture in France and the U.S., moving from oils to stone and bronze and finally to acrylics.  She has produced several public sculpts.  In the Washington, DC area, notably at the National Rehabilitation Hospital, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Georgetown University Campus and other locations.  In Paris, she has exhibited her work at the Grand Palais and UNESCO, as well as in private galleries.  She has also enjoyed a one-woman show at the Maison Francaise of the French Embassy in Washington.  She lives with her Australian husband, whereas their only son and grandson are established in Tokyo, Japan.  Danielle and her husband love to travel and have enjoyed countries as diverse as Greece, Portugal, Spain, Japan, Qatar, Oman and Australia.  

Her Paintings and Sculptures

Fragments of the Unknown Mosaic 1 and 2 - Acrylic on Canvas - 36"x24"

the twin paintings entitled Fragments of an Unknown Mosaic are inspired by themes which are both fundamental and common to many cultures.  From time immemorial, shamanism presented the Tree of the World and the Eden story of the Hebrew Bible presents an intimate connection between Eve, the Tree Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life.  These two paintings show a narrative progression from a symbiosis between Woman and Tree, where one gives life to the other, to a face to face between two creatures who are both Woman and Tree, locking arms or branches in a celebration of creative forces.  

Cradle of Life 1- Resin  - H 25" x W 48"

These twinned sculpts are inspired by archetypal themes surrounding the mysteries of life and creation welling up from the Unconscious.  In Cradles of Life 1, whose enigmatic serenity reminds the viewer of iconography from Ancient Egypt, the stillness belies the hidden stirrings of germination within a tutelary goddess symbolizing Natures's promise.  In the companion sculpture, Cradle of Life 2, we are closer to the explosion of energy in the frenetic dances of Dionysus.  However, when viewed in reverse, we return to stillness at the close of the day and the shadows of the Beyond, completing the cycle of life, death and rebirth. 

Cradle of Life 2 - Resin - H 42" x W 50" 


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