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Congratulations to our Paint the Town Award Winners

4 Sep 2021 7:00 PM | Anonymous

By Joey P. Manlapaz
Judge, 2021 Paint the Town Labor Day Show

It is never easy to categorize excellence among more than 400 pieces of top-notch artwork, and yet I was faced with such a challenge in judging this show. I was very impressed with the craftsmanship in the execution of each work and have deep admiration for each artist’s sincerity in their creation. I am certain that you will agree with me that the awardees very much deserve all the merit and applause for works well done.

Kensington Category

1st place (Bertha Clum Award): Passage of Time by Alden Schofield
2nd place: Manse at a Glance by Carol Leo
3rd place: The Under Appreciated Beauty of Howard Avenue by David Sommers
Honorable mentions: Across from the Bookshop by Susan Friend; Aqua Flora by Nancy Randa; Train Station Crossing by Antonia Tiu

Landscape Category

1st place: Darth Vader by Ann Gordon
2nd place: Shed by Sharon Reinckens
3rd place: Basil Glow by Jennifer Barlow
Honorable mentions: Summer Skies by Rosemary Yue; Falling Leaves by Ruja Shemer; Middletown Ice Cream by Susan Sinclair Galego; Rising Above by Christina Haslinger; Under Africa Sky by Helen Wood; Calm After the Storm by Francisca Oviedo

Still Life Category

1st place: At the Diner by Kathleen Tevnan
2nd place: Clean Up by Ellen Yahuda
3rd place: Last Flowers of Spring by Ann Pielert
Honorable mentions: Lemons by Mita Lazarte, Coming and Going by Angela Lacy; Glad Tidings by Pat Coates

Abstract / 3D Category

1st place: Pareidolia #10 by Susan diRende
2nd place: Deep Blue Companion by Jenny Wilson
3rd place: It Takes a Village by Ann Albright
Honorable mentions: At Last by Laura Aikman; Chasm by Anastasia Walsh; Tempest by Cathy Hirsh

Portrait Category

1st place: Gone Man by Jack Hammond
2nd place: Giddy Up by Amelia de Silva
3rd place: The Courage in His Eyes by Pritha Srinivasan
Honorable mentions: Royalty is a Birthright by Deb Walmer; The Italian by Ann Gordon; A Good Place by Jean Finkleman

Plein Air Competition

1st place: Circle Park by Rajendra KC
2nd place: Bethesda Chimney by Rob Pearlman
3rd place: Band Play in the Park by Vicky Zhou
Honorable mentions: Antique Row by Beverly Hollrah; Johnsons by Marci Green; Chat by Sushila M. Bloom

Artist Invitational

1st place: Snow Day by Alison Leigh Menke
2nd place: Amish Farm 3 by Jean Hirons
3rd place: Bottles by Michael Shibley
Honorable mention: Fall Colors in Rock Creek Park by Gonzalo Ruiz Navarro

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