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​One Idea, Many Interpretations: Exploring Connection

18 Aug 2021 3:25 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

By Martina Sestakova

Members of Montgomery Art Association come from all walks of life and their artworks and creative processes reflect this wonderful variety. In this blog, we invite you to enjoy a selection of pieces that explore the theme of connection. Scroll down to enjoy a lovely array of ideas!

Martina Sestakova, "Meet over Tea" (acrylics on yupo, 26x20"). The idea for this painting came to me while at lunch with a friend. I like the space a meal or a cup of tea creates: opportunity to connect, to share, to strengthen a friendship. This painting honors the intimacy of these moments and their immense potential to bring joy into our lives.

Dora Patin, "Symbiosis II." (oil on canvas, 24x20”). The symbiotic relationship between plants and pollinators is so amazing! Where would we BEE without pollinators?! Everything is connected!

Chitra Sharma, "Shine on" (acrylic on wood, 24x24"). This is takes me back to the days of childhood where whenever in an art class we had to draw something, sun was the first thing that I would draw. The bright colors and the mythological characters vibes are all the reminder of storytelling family time while growing up.

Judith Levine, "Denys Louderback" (oil on canvas, 22x30")

Fran Art, “Fundo Los Mayos” (encaustic, 6x6"). This painting connects me to my home country Chile. The name is the place where my parent live. The rich textures connect me to my afternoon walks on my summer vacations in January 2020.

Maria-Elena Lazarte, "Sunflowers" (plein air painting, oil on linen panel, 14x11"). Painting outdoors for me is connecting with nature and capturing its beauty.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the artworks of our members! Be sure to check out our other blogs as we celebrate the unique artworks of DMV-based artists. 

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