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  • 26 Oct 2021 8:35 AM | Kathleen Tynan (Administrator)

    Lives in: Silver Spring, Maryland


    Social Media: Instagram @larosaarroyo

    Media and subjects: Photography and Painting

    Why you joined MAA: To become a part of a local artist's community to help facilitate my encouragement and growth and those of my fellow members. 

    Something fun about you: I am inspired by the two to three sketchbooks my 12-year-old daughter fills in a week. I live my life vicariously through her art and hope that one day I can be as dedicated as she is.

    Artist Biography LaRosa is an art teacher with 29 years of experience. She is originally from Columbia, South Carolina. She holds a BFA in Studio Art from Winthrop University and an MAT from the University of South Carolina. In addition, she is a National Board-Certified Teacher. and a member of the ART21 cohort program. During her summers, she enjoys attending workshops and her favorite is SCAD in Savannah, GA. She is married with 2 children and a cockapoo.

    Please enjoy viewing several of LaRosa's beautiful artworks. 


  • 18 Oct 2021 8:09 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    Members of Montgomery Art Association come from all walks of life and their artworks and creative processes reflect this wonderful variety. In this blog, we invite you to enjoy a selection of pieces that explore the theme of Fall. Scroll down to enjoy a lovely array of ideas!

    Rosemary Behizadeh Yue, "Russet Grasses" (12x12” acrylic on canvas). Tressa Hummel, reference photo credit. Although the tree is still green, we can tell from the grasses that Fall is already here.

    Maria-Elena Lazarte, "Autumn" (16x20” acrylics on canvas). This painting is one of my early paintings on acrylics. I did the setup for this painting dried hydrangeas and purple coneflowers, one of my favorite purple bottles and the tiny Pumpkin to represent Fall.

    Anastasia Walsh“Falling in Love” (paper collage on ceramic tile 6x6”). I was inspired by Zora Neale Hurston’s quote, “I didn’t just fall in love. I made a parachute jump.”

    Christopher Hoppe, "Autumn's Crimson Passion" (oil on canvas 18x24"). Fall is my favorite time and was painting trees because I love painting trees.

    Vicky Surles, “December Deer” (watercolor 18x22”). A visiting deer hoping for a food handout at Massanutten Mountain resort.

    Martina Sestakova, "The River Keeps Flowing" (Acrylic ink on yupo, 4x6"). This painting is a result of my recent camping adventures, often by delightful creeks. What better adventure in the Fall! Water is so healing. An ever-changing stream that just keeps going: a sign of hope to me. I hope you find this piece calming, yet exciting. A vivid exploration of indigo, which is so lovely.

    Leslie Kraff, "Hues of October" (11x14" oil).

    Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the artworks of our members! Be sure to check out our other blogs as we celebrate the unique artworks of DMV-based artists. 

  • 29 Sep 2021 7:41 AM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    by Jennifer Crouch
    MAA Volunteer

    Forty hours. That's how long it took Alden Schofield to complete Passage of Time, the recipient of the Bertha Clum Award, the top award at MAA's Paint the Town art show this September.

    Working from an original photo, Schofield switched gears after he started the piece, deciding to incorporate an older engine to show the changes in time, rather than the Marc train that is in the inspiration photo.

    "My goal was to give people the view of changes throughout time, to reminisce about the past and how it would have appeared. In addition, painting from a different approach than normally expected," Alden said.

    Though Schofield's style is typically realistic, he more often paints landscapes. Attempting a painting that was both "mechanical and ghostly" stretched his creativity, obviously, to successful results.

    With many pieces in the Kensington category in this year's Paint the Town art show, competition was high for the top award. A distinction Schofield appreciated, "I am very honored to receive such a prestigious award." 

    Schofield's words of wisdom for other artists? "I feel that challenging oneself to do new things is quite rewarding in many ways. It continues your growth as an artist and hopefully the recognition."

    The Bertha Clum Award is named for a lifelong Kensington resident passionate about art and gardening. She passed away in 1986. She was an original founder of the Paint the Town art show.

    Montgomery Municipal Cable published this video about the local icon earlier this year in honor of Women's History Month: Remembering Kensington Icon Bertha Clum.

  • 28 Sep 2021 9:07 AM | Kathleen Tynan (Administrator)

    Lives in: North Bethesda, Maryland

    Media: Oil, Watercolor, Tempera, Pastel, Chinese Brush Painting, Calligraphy, Photography 

    Subjects: Landscapes, people, animals, flowers


    Social media: instagram/com/sushila.arts

    Why you joined MAA: My husband who is an art enthusiast encouraged me to share my arts with local community and to engage with them. 

    Something fun about you: I love to disguise myself and go trick-or-treating at my siblings’ homes. 

    Artist’s biography: "Born and grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sushila has been drawing and painting since she was a small child. A graduate of Corcoran School of the Art & Design, Washington, DC, Sushila works as a graphic designer while enjoying fine arts and photography. Sushila’s paintings and photographs have been displayed at numerous galleries and cultural events both here and abroad including the World Bank and the Young Professionals Association of the United Nations, National Gallery of Sri Lanka and through the Maryland Institute College of Art’s (MICA) study abroad art program in Greece."

    Congratulations and a round of applause to Sushila on winning an honorable mention in our 2021 Paint the Town Plein Air Competition. Please enjoy viewing a sample of Sushila's wonderful work.


  • 18 Sep 2021 7:57 AM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    Members of Montgomery Art Association come from all walks of life and their artworks and creative processes reflect this wonderful variety. In this blog, we invite you to enjoy a selection of pieces that explore the theme of travel. Scroll down to enjoy a lovely array of ideas!

    Maria-Elena LazarteLaguna de Paron (acrylic on canvas 20x16”). This painting is from a picture that I took when I was visiting my hometown Caraz-Peru in 2019. This is lake is so beautiful with the turquoise water surrounding by the highest snow mountains.

    Freddi Batt WeinerPurple Mountains Majesty. Inspired by my recent travel to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

    Jean FinGlacier Lake (acrylic on board 12x12"). I was fascinated by the colorful stones under the clear water.

    Rosemary Behizadeh YueFall Fields (acrylic on canvas 12x12”). This is part of my highway series inspired by an autumn drive down route 81.

    Judith LevineSuperstition Saguaros (crayon on paper 9X12"). I did this while in Arizona. I love saguaro cactuses and these two made me smile as the looked like they were dancing together. 

    Pritha SrinivasanTuscan Heat (watercolor 16x12”). This is based on my trip to the ancient beautiful Tuscan town of Volterra during a heatwave! Every alley provided a gelato break.

    Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the artworks of our members! Be sure to check out our other blogs as we celebrate the unique artworks of DMV-based artists.  

  • 4 Sep 2021 7:00 PM | Anonymous

    By Joey P. Manlapaz
    Judge, 2021 Paint the Town Labor Day Show

    It is never easy to categorize excellence among more than 400 pieces of top-notch artwork, and yet I was faced with such a challenge in judging this show. I was very impressed with the craftsmanship in the execution of each work and have deep admiration for each artist’s sincerity in their creation. I am certain that you will agree with me that the awardees very much deserve all the merit and applause for works well done.

    Kensington Category

    1st place (Bertha Clum Award): Passage of Time by Alden Schofield
    2nd place: Manse at a Glance by Carol Leo
    3rd place: The Under Appreciated Beauty of Howard Avenue by David Sommers
    Honorable mentions: Across from the Bookshop by Susan Friend; Aqua Flora by Nancy Randa; Train Station Crossing by Antonia Tiu

    Landscape Category

    1st place: Darth Vader by Ann Gordon
    2nd place: Shed by Sharon Reinckens
    3rd place: Basil Glow by Jennifer Barlow
    Honorable mentions: Summer Skies by Rosemary Yue; Falling Leaves by Ruja Shemer; Middletown Ice Cream by Susan Sinclair Galego; Rising Above by Christina Haslinger; Under Africa Sky by Helen Wood; Calm After the Storm by Francisca Oviedo

    Still Life Category

    1st place: At the Diner by Kathleen Tevnan
    2nd place: Clean Up by Ellen Yahuda
    3rd place: Last Flowers of Spring by Ann Pielert
    Honorable mentions: Lemons by Mita Lazarte, Coming and Going by Angela Lacy; Glad Tidings by Pat Coates

    Abstract / 3D Category

    1st place: Pareidolia #10 by Susan diRende
    2nd place: Deep Blue Companion by Jenny Wilson
    3rd place: It Takes a Village by Ann Albright
    Honorable mentions: At Last by Laura Aikman; Chasm by Anastasia Walsh; Tempest by Cathy Hirsh

    Portrait Category

    1st place: Gone Man by Jack Hammond
    2nd place: Giddy Up by Amelia de Silva
    3rd place: The Courage in His Eyes by Pritha Srinivasan
    Honorable mentions: Royalty is a Birthright by Deb Walmer; The Italian by Ann Gordon; A Good Place by Jean Finkleman

    Plein Air Competition

    1st place: Circle Park by Rajendra KC
    2nd place: Bethesda Chimney by Rob Pearlman
    3rd place: Band Play in the Park by Vicky Zhou
    Honorable mentions: Antique Row by Beverly Hollrah; Johnsons by Marci Green; Chat by Sushila M. Bloom

    Artist Invitational

    1st place: Snow Day by Alison Leigh Menke
    2nd place: Amish Farm 3 by Jean Hirons
    3rd place: Bottles by Michael Shibley
    Honorable mention: Fall Colors in Rock Creek Park by Gonzalo Ruiz Navarro

  • 27 Aug 2021 10:22 AM | Anonymous

    Blandine Broomfield, Hiral Joshi, Anastasiya Kavalenka, David Sommers and Ellen Yahuda teamed up to artistically interpret the quote “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief … You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”

    One major communality emerged among each person’s thoughts: grief with hope. Each artist went on to create an individual piece of art emulating the theme and then the group assembled and collaged the paintings to create a cohesive piece of artwork.

    Grief with Hope will be displayed at the Goldman Art Gallery at the Bender JCC in Rockville through October 10. The reception is September 23 from 5:30-7 pm.

  • 25 Aug 2021 4:28 PM | Kathleen Tynan (Administrator)
    Lives in: Poolesville  

    Social Media: Instagram: @shasha_w_t_f

    Media and subjects: I am continuously seeking opportunities to grow by practicing figure and life drawings.  In my studio, I mostly work in oil paint and I do a lot of animal and human portraits as well as landscapes. I also recently collaborated with a storyteller who wrote a collection of short autobiographical stories; I produced accompanying digital Illustrations.

     Why you joined MAA: I recently moved back to Maryland after living in Davis, California, for 8 years. While in Davis, I was involved in artist groups and was on the board of directors for an artist collective. Working with and around other artists gave me opportunities to grow and learn. I joined MAA to connect with other artists here in the DC area. 

    Something fun about you: While moving across country I traveled with 6 chickens, 2 cats and a dog which proved to be pretty self-sustaining since the chickens continued to lay eggs every day of the trip!

    Artist biography: Shannon is a self-taught painter and illustrator currently living in Poolesville. She spent the last 8 years painting on the west coast in Davis, CA, where she was on the Board of Directors of Third Space Arts Collective. Shannon enjoys painting oil landscapes and portraits, as well as digital illustration.  During the past year she illustrated a collection of short stories by a California based author. Since moving to Poolesville this summer Shannon has enjoyed painting some of the local farmscapes and hopes to participate in some local workshops and meet local artists. When she isn’t doing art, Shannon is currently pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Secondary Mathematics Education.

    Please enjoy viewing a sample of Shannon’s work:



  • 18 Aug 2021 3:25 PM | Martina Sestakova (Administrator)

    By Martina Sestakova

    Members of Montgomery Art Association come from all walks of life and their artworks and creative processes reflect this wonderful variety. In this blog, we invite you to enjoy a selection of pieces that explore the theme of connection. Scroll down to enjoy a lovely array of ideas!

    Martina Sestakova, "Meet over Tea" (acrylics on yupo, 26x20"). The idea for this painting came to me while at lunch with a friend. I like the space a meal or a cup of tea creates: opportunity to connect, to share, to strengthen a friendship. This painting honors the intimacy of these moments and their immense potential to bring joy into our lives.

    Dora Patin, "Symbiosis II." (oil on canvas, 24x20”). The symbiotic relationship between plants and pollinators is so amazing! Where would we BEE without pollinators?! Everything is connected!

    Chitra Sharma, "Shine on" (acrylic on wood, 24x24"). This is takes me back to the days of childhood where whenever in an art class we had to draw something, sun was the first thing that I would draw. The bright colors and the mythological characters vibes are all the reminder of storytelling family time while growing up.

    Judith Levine, "Denys Louderback" (oil on canvas, 22x30")

    Fran Art, “Fundo Los Mayos” (encaustic, 6x6"). This painting connects me to my home country Chile. The name is the place where my parent live. The rich textures connect me to my afternoon walks on my summer vacations in January 2020.

    Maria-Elena Lazarte, "Sunflowers" (plein air painting, oil on linen panel, 14x11"). Painting outdoors for me is connecting with nature and capturing its beauty.

    Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the artworks of our members! Be sure to check out our other blogs as we celebrate the unique artworks of DMV-based artists. 

  • 10 Aug 2021 11:07 PM | Anonymous

    MAA is pleased to present four live art demonstrations during our Paint the Town Labor Day Show. All demos will take place at the Kensington Historic Armory and are free and open to the public. We plan to livestream them on the MAA page on Facebook (


    Saturday, September 4 at 2:30pm
    Jennifer Kahn Barlow
    French macaron lovers wanted! Jen, an MAA member, will be demonstrating her process for painting vibrant French Macarons using oil paints. From the colorful base layer to the crumbly details, she will show the progression from plain shapes to tempting confectionary on canvas.

    Sunday, September 5 at 1 pm
    Ally Morgan
    MAA member Ally will be demonstrating her mixed media approach to pet portraits. Working with a combination of colored pencils, markers and pens, she will take her audience through her techniques and tricks for creating a realistic dog portrait. More information will be available for Ally’s upcoming Pet Portrait workshops for those interested.

    Sunday, September 5 at 2:30 pm
    Marcie Wolf-Hubbard
    Marcie will demonstrate and have supplies available for creating in drawing and Mixed Media. This will give an idea about being in her art classes (Encaustic, Mixed Media & Drawing.) Marcie will have information about her upcoming Encaustic in person workshop, sample art, and tools/materials used in her classes.

    Monday, September 6 at 2:30 pm
    Tom Semmes
    Weather permitting, Tom will demonstrate plein air painting outside the Armory building. Tom has been painting since he was a teenager, inspired by seeing the woods and fields that surrounded his childhood home mirrored in the works of the Impressionists at local museums. Painting outdoors ("plein air") has always been part of his practice. His paintings highlight expressive brushstrokes, a pleasing color harmony and an almost tangible sense of light."

    Thanks to MAA member Lis Zadravec for organizing these demos.

    Top left: Jennifer Kahn Barlow; bottom left: Marcie Wolf-Hubbard; center; Tom Semmes; right: Ally Morgan 

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