Member’s Gallery

This Members’ Gallery provides an opportunity for all MAA members to display up to 10 images of their work.  Participating artists can also provide a brief artist statement and a link to their website (if available) or other contact information.

In some cases, artists have shown a price with their images.  This indicates that the piece is still available for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing a piece, just contact the artist as indicated.  Sales of work are solely between the artists and their customers. Other than providing the opportunity to display the work, MAA plays no role in conducting the sale and does not take a commission on sales occurring in this way.

MAA Members who would like to add their images to the Members Gallery can find directions on how to use this feature on the Resources page of this website.  There is also a video available here.

The work displayed on this website is expressly and specifically protected by United States and international copyright laws. Viewing a work on this website does not confer upon the viewer the right to reproduce the work or a portion of it, nor does the viewer have the right to create a derivative work from any of the works displayed on this website. Any unauthorized reproduction or derivation of these protected works will be considered infringement under 17 U.S.C. 501 and other applicable laws.