Calls to Entry

Show Registration Process

To reduce the administrative effort for arranging MAA exhibits (just think of all those labels!), MAA uses an online registration process. Artists are able to enter their information, including the specifics on their pieces (title, media, price) online, and if desired, pay the entry fees (where they’re required) online by credit or debit card.

If there are no fees for the exhibit, and we have many exhibits where fees are not required, once you complete the registration information, you’re done. If there is a fee and you don’t want to pay the fee online, that’s okay—you can send in your check to the show registrar separately. Just please use the online show registration process for entering your information—it will help us immensely in completing the materials required for the show.

Or, for some shows, you can send a typed entry with all the required show registration information along with any payment required to the show registrar. We do, however, encourage you to use the online service, if at all possible (and it is mandatory for some shows).

You can find instructions on how to use the online show registration feature on the Resources page of this website.

If you have any additional questions or problems, please call 213-321-3919